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My upper stomach is very tender to the touch.

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  • My upper stomach is very tender to the touch.

    I am in a bad stomach pain flair - up.
    I have gastritis that has become active evidently.
    I am on 20 mg nexuim per day and 10 mg of pepcid at night.

    This heaviness in my stomach is effecting my heart. It skips and then pounds for 5 minutes 4 times per day now. Very scarry, but I KNOW it is my stomach causing this.
    HAs anyone else had this?
    My upper stomach is very tender to the touch.
    Eating hurts, not eating hurts too.
    My stomach feels very heavy and stressed all the time.
    I am eating very small meals, but loosing weight.
    The heart thing is very scarry.
    The more upset my stomach is, the heavier my heart pounds.
    My heart was checked out and they say it is fine.
    This pounding ONLY happens when my stomach is upset, like a twisting, tearing, knawing pain.
    When it starts pounding, I take water and maylox and it stops it.
    What the heck is this?

    Anyone else?

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    Hi Ellie2,
    There is a connection between the Vegas nerve and the heart. It is very possible that acid reflux is irritating the Vegas nerve causing a cardiac disturbance.


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      Daw Is 100% . As I Agree It Hapened To Me
      When The Acid Stuck Behind My Chest Bone I Feel My Heart Is Beating And Hearting A Lot But Go For Endoscopy To Chk U Stomach


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        gastritis and with raw areas.

        i had an endoscopy in may 2006.
        no ulcers, no cancer, only inactive gastritis ( at the time )my stomach "felt"
        pretty good.
        Wow at least an explanation of this.
        So, would this indicate that my stomach is irritated?
        like gastritis and with raw areas.
        could i die from this?


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          Hi Ellie2, If you had a recent endoscopy and all they found was gastritis then you should not worry about dying from this. If the medications you are taking are not solving your symptoms then get in touch with your doctor.


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            For other's information, I find that the lighter I eat the better I feel.
            I have a tendency to try to keep weight on, and not do what my body needs, which is eating alot less at one time.
            My stomach is very very small ( I am 125 ), and if I eat until i am full, thats when the problems start.
            It is hard. I feel so deprived cause when i am in a flair , my diet is soooo limited.
            When I start to feel better, of course I want to become satisfied.
            So,, I am determined to measure out my food and not go by how I feel.
            I cant tell when I am full, so I eat a few bites more, then all of a sudden i am over stuffed.
            The nerves in my stomach are probably shot....

            I think is is not what I eat, but how much.
            about 1/2 to 3/4 cup of food is all I should eat at one time when I am in a flair.
            Then eat 5 times per day. I must do this. Then as I stay feeling good for weeks on end, I can increase my amounts then.
            Does that make sense?
            Can the stomach shrink that much?

            The endoscoy showed chronic inflamation of the lining.


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              Hi Ellie2,
              I normally eat small meals with small snacks in between. It is one of the most healthful thing one can do. If I don't eat small amounts, I feel bloated and uncomfortable. An extended stomach from too much to eat at one time can bring on reflux too. I don't know if your gastritis has anything to do with it but it may be the way you have to eat to keep comfortable.


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                thanks, to know I am not alone helps.

                thanks, to know I am not alone helps.
                I remember even before all this started, when I went out to eat I would order 2 sides instead of a big meal.
                a small salad and a baked potoatoe.
                Then have 2 bites of my husbsands meal, like chicken.
                It kept my weight down and I was not having problems.
                then I would have grapes and 3 corn chips around 9:00.
                It was great.
                I will do that again.
                I hope I can start to eat more vegies if I get my stomach under control


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                  If there is no small items on a menu I order only an appetizer. The times I order a regular meal I always end up taking a "doggie bag" home with me. I'm not skinny but I hate that bloated full feeling. It got a little better when I started GERD meds but I still prefer small portions.


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                    much better now

                    I tried the massage on this page:


                    and it has been a miracle.
                    within one day, there was a 90% improvement in all symptoms.
                    I have gained 3 pounds this week.!!!!!
                    I will update you more later.