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Noise in throat when waking up?(Help)

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  • Noise in throat when waking up?(Help)

    When I get up and I have my head raised I hear like a gurgling noise in my throat,kinda what people say my stomach hungry..I can feel it go down when it,been having this for a month is pretty nasty it will happen like 3-4 times sometimes I burp..Than I pop my xanax and get moving..any ideas?

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    nobody get this am i nut or what group lol??


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      TM, maybe you and all of us in the group are all nuts!

      What you're experiencing is all consistent with GERD, just so you know. Let your doctor know next time you see him. And make sure you raise the head of your bed six inches.


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        I get the gurgling sounds when I'm lying down, waking up, sitting up, etc. my doctor after 8 months is convinced I'm a prime candidate for the mental ward. I asked him whats causing this, he shrugged his shoulders and here comes that magic word again, "Anxiety". Thats right folks. hp8 has all the symptoms of LPR but my doc says I need to calm down and it will go away.
        To add insult to injury he cut my protonix and refused to renew my 1 month prescription. He said if you feel worst without it, then maybe its stomach related. Whats is this, reverse medical treatment? If the patient is definitely suffering more, aha ... I have the answer.

        I need help here. My mouth and throat is so dry even sipping water all day won't help. I wake up choking and gasing for air, it isn't pretty. The doc says suck on some candy all day. Ok doc, but thats not gonna solve the problem.

        Oh sorry trailer_man I got carried away, what were you asking? lol


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          We are crazy lol

          No hp8 I agree they don't live with so they don't understand it's odd though you hear it going down it sounds pretty nasty.sometimes when im about to get up you can hear it coming up.As far as anxiety I have that im disabled due to it,but that has nothing to do with what i hear or feel.Its like a drain being unclogged down goes the acid.

          I do have my bed up around 5 or 6 inches stay on my left side and sleep on 2 pillows its crazy usually go to bed ok,and than sometimes wakes me up,or if I wake up im hoarse.Than when I get up for good I get that darn garggling like noise...Is it anything to worry about??


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            I asked the specialist about that and he said he don't really know what causes it except that it might be caused by GERD. I'm sure it is cause prior to all these problems 8 months ago, I never had any of these symptoms.
            But you are right. It sounds like you pulled the plug from the drain and the water is running out.