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The All-Natural Regimen That Has Helped My Reflux Problem

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  • Hi Gerdy,
    I already answered your question in the other thread where you asked about homeopathy:

    But I'm going to duplicate my response here because it's relevant to the rest of this thread:

    Hi Gerdy,
    I, like you, could not tolerate PPI's or H2 Blockers. Everything gave me bad side effects.

    Yes, my preferred digestive enzyme is AbsorbAid. That's not to say there aren't others that work just as well, mind you. I did try some by Invite Health a long time ago and they were good (I don't remember what they were called.) and they contained a small amount of HCL, too. But I've also tried some that were useless (off the top of my head...something with "gold" in the name).

    Do what your naturopath is telling you. I think I did get some benefit from acupuncture initially. I don't know if it helped after awhile - I was doing so many other things, I couldn't really tell. But I do think at the beginning, it was of some help.

    The colostrum is good stuff. I took it for awhile and didn't particularly notice anything, but that could just be me and anyway, it's good for you.
    I swear by probiotics for lots of things - but I haven't found any benefit from them for my GERD. But take 'em! I get waaaaay less colds then before I took them (even better when I increased my Vitamin D, too).
    Be careful with Colloidal Silver. I've heard some not-so-good things about it (in addition to people swearing by it) but I haven't heard anything about it for GERD.

    The Cal-Mag citrate is good. See if you can find a liquid version. I have a good one that's hard to find other than at pricey online high-end supplement places. It's called Seroyal/Genestra Cal Mag Liquid. Of course, it's easier to take cal-mag capsules with you if you go out for meals. The same company also makes a good cal-mag capsule. Anyway, I find it easier than fussing with the powder like I used to do.

    I tried one homeopath who was an idiot and full of baloney.
    I spoke to another, very legitimate, homeopath but she said that due to some other meds I take for an unrelated purpose, homeopathy wouldn't work and it would be a waste of my money. Interesting and honest. Anyway, so I never did it.

    You didn't mention elevating the head of your bed and/or the upper half of your body with a wedge. Makes a huge difference for me. Do it.

    Best to you,

    P.S.-Set up your account on here so that you're notified by email whenever someone responds to a post of yours - it's called "subscribing to a thread"

    PPS - If your aunt is the homeopath, go for it!!!

    PPPS - Sorry, I forgot to answer your question about chewing gum. I have NO PROBLEM with it and some people find it very helpful. But I stay away from artificial sweeteners (and sugar). Also, you don't want MINT (relaxes the lower esoph sphincter) so I chew bubblegum sweetened only with Xylitol. Some doctors think that chewing gum causes gas. I think they're full of crap and grasping at straws.


    • Thread Subscriptions


      Unfortunately, I wrote on another thread and then ended up writing on this one as well. Yes, I've subscribed to these threads now.

      Let us stay on this thread now .. (this one thread has really been very helpful).

      Thanks NYer,

      Some questions/comments:

      1) Ca/Mg supplements: I am taking in capsule form. I read from Jamie Kaufman's blog that the liquid one has acidic stuff in it and the LPRDers should not take it since it will burn the throat going down. What do you think? May be initially powdered form(s) is the way to go?

      2) Regarding the wedge pillow, I use a bunch of pillows right now to prop myself up. May be I should use the wedge instead. May be you have mentioned the brand of this pillow some other posts. Which one would you recommend?

      3) Regarding Probiotics+Colostrum, my naturopath's theory is that the bacteria and colostrum helps build / heal the mucosal lining of the GI tract and when taken in liquid form will do so for esophagus.

      4) In India homeopathy seems to have cured a lot of people with the GERD/LPRD symptoms and I am getting mine shipped from there. I will let you all know if they help or not.

      5) Black Raspberries - Can you eat them raw instead of the powder with the same effect? Do you find these in whole foods (even the powder)?

      6) I am doing colloidal silver spays in the throat for LPRD (my naturopath has advised me on this one) - along with Loquat Honey (also have Manuka Honey)


      • Symptoms check

        I wanted to do a symptoms check here:

        Initially, I had:
        1) Thick white mucous in my throat that I had to constantly spit out
        2) Slight difficulty swallowing in the throat with globus that I felt a few times
        3) Difficulty swallowing in the esophagus in the chest area

        This basically indicates both LPRD/GERD to me (no one has officially diagnosed me as such though).

        After the initial 5 weeks on multiple PPIs - I've been relieved of all these symptoms.

        Now that I've been off the PPIs though some of these symptoms are returning and I am at this point now:
        1) Difficulty swallowing in the chest area is still felt
        2) Throat is irritated after the burps / bubbles are felt after the meals
        3) At night, these bubbles wake me up after about 5 hours of sleep (I am not sure if the wedge will help me if the gaseous bubbles are causing it).

        NYer: Do you think my symptoms are controllable with only natural regimen alone? I haven't felt things in ears/sinuses/lungs etc. yet - but I am horrified to even think that I might someday.


        • Do you think my symptoms are controllable with only natural regimen alone?
          YES! I do think it's controllable with just natural stuff. That's what I've done. And I was feeling HORRIBLE three years ago.

          Black Raspberries - Can you eat them raw instead of the powder with the same effect? Do you find these in whole foods (even the powder)?
          Sure, if you can find them. I've never seen them anywhere. And the ONLY place I've ever found the powder is at [url][/url]

          wedge pillow...
          STOP using pillows to prop yourself up. You need a gradual up-slope from your belly to your head. If you have the pillows under your head, it just bends your neck. Use a wedge. The one I found that I like is expensive. It's around $90. It has a layer of memory foam on the top and is extra long so I don't slide down. They have it at AlexOrthopedic:
          A few other places have it, too, but they're all about the same price. That same site has cheaper ones, too, take a look under pillows/wedges section. You can also find cheaper ones (not the long ones, though) at usually. And Bed Bath and Beyond and stores like that always carry the regular (shorter) ones.'

          Ca/Mg supplements
          Regarding "burning on the way down" way with the kind I take. It's VERY SOOTHING. She may be referring to some other kind.
          I used to use the powder and put it on yogurt or applesauce. It didn't mix well with water. The issue with taking the capsules or tablets is that they don't dissolve till they hit your stomach. The theory, however, is that the calcium coming into direct contact with your LES (lower esoph sphincter) is what helps to tighten it up. That's why the powder or liquid would work better for that.

          Yes, your naturopath is correct. It should be helpful and for those reasons.

          Re your other post...
          Yeah, you have GERD. Especially since it got "better" while you were on the PPI's. Use the wedge. It'll help. I recommend that you put some pillows under your knees (or a leg wedge), too, it works like when a mechanic puts a chuck under the wheels of a truck while he's working on it so it doesn't roll! The knee wedge keeps me from sliding down off the wedge and ending up with my neck bent and my body flat.

          Stop eating anything 3 hours before bedtime. And take the Canadian or English Gaviscon at bedtime.

          Should help.


          • GERD or LPRD

            Thanks NYer,

            wedge pillow
            I will get the wedge. I tried to prop up the head of my bed but was quite unsuccessful in doing that. I almost sleep upright with the pillows. Since I experience gas bubbles even during the day (upright) - I was thinking I would do so even at night (even with the wedge) - No? In any case, I've got to get th wedge I guess.

            Regarding "burning on the way down" way with the kind I take. It's VERY SOOTHING. She may be referring to some other kind.
            Which liquid one did/do you use?

            Regarding GERD vs. LPRD, are you saying LPRD is defined as "non-acid reflux"? From what I've read, if the acid reaches the throat/mouth - it is pretty much LPRD (I know I have GERD as well). LPRD *can* be successfully treated / cured with the PPIs. So, even if PPIs helped me - that does not mean I don't have LPRD.


            • I don't understand your question about the wedge. Sleeping in a recliner works, too. The point is to keep your head and neck above your stomach while you're sleeping. That's all.

              I already told you which liquid cal-mag I take a few posts ago today. Read them again.

              I didn't say anything about GERD versus LPR. I meant you didn't have something else (like throat cancer or some other throat ailment). I can't tell you whether you have GERD or LPR. But you're going to have to do the same things anyway. I wouldn't know how to tell you for sure if you have one or the other or both. Besides, "non-acid" doesn't mean it's non corrosive. So just do all the stuff.

              Gotta run..


              • Yes ..


                - Yes sorry about the Ca/Mg liquid form info now. I see your information now.
                - Wedge - I meant to say that I tried to raise the bed itself .. but since the bed stands are not standard, I could not. Plus, this is king size and my wife would have a hard time sleeping next to me. I've arranged the pillows such that it gives a slope .. meanwhile also ordered the wedge now yesterday.
                - GERD/LPR: Yeah I sure know that all my symptoms are reflux related and I do n't think I have anything else at this point in time.


                • Teas


                  You mentioned Roobios Tea + Slippery Elm Bark Powder + Manuka Honey. I will try it out.

                  I tried chamomille tea a few weeks back .. but did not quite help and started my reflux I thought.


                  • I really like the brand "Republic of Tea" for the Rooibos red tea. Just had a cup.

                    I had the same problem with raising the bed. One day I'll have lots of money and I'll buy an adjustable Temperpedic bed.


                    • Timeline


                      I've read this thread multiple times .. but it'll be good if you could summarize how - in terms of the timeline - you've felt better / worse over a period of 3 years since you've had the ailment?

                      It seems to me that you got better initially within 2 months of following the regimen? Also - absorbaid seems to have helped you the most back then to get off to a good start. Then, did this last long ... or did you have your ups and downs since then ...



                      • You read correctly. No ups and downs. Just up.


                        • Digestive Enzymes

                          Nyer ..

                          I've been trying to analyze and compare the cause of your reflux vs. mine .. and I am thinking what has worked for you - may not necessarily work for me. If Digestive Enzymes was the one that really fixed you .. then you probably have low acid and therefore it worked for you.

                          However, I am not sure if I have the same cause ... so I am getting depressed to think that I may not find fast relief the same way you did purely on the digestive enzymes ...

                          Of course, I will continue to do all the things that I can .... don't really have any other options.

                          I still feel Zantac 75mg is what keeps me going for the day (I can not take more than that .. or the side effects get hard to manage) - and gaviscone at night helps.


                          • Well, given the fact that you have absolutely no idea as to whether you have low acid or not, your impression of whether it will work for is kind of pointless. There is no reason to depress yourself about what will or won't work for you before the fact (and stressing yourself out about things you don't need to is just going to make your reflux worse).
                            You have no way to tell if you have low acid or normal acid or too much acid unless you get specifically tested for it.

                            And, frankly, reflux is reflux and it's caused by your LES not working properly (staying closed when it should). If it's open when it should be closed, even if you have only a little acid, all the junk in your stomach - acid and whatever else - is going to reflux into your esophagus and you'll have a problem.

                            Just start doing all the things you need to do and give it some time. They'll help. I do ALL of the things I mentioned in this thread - not just digestive enzymes. But those made an almost immediate difference in my BEING ABLE TO EAT. It didn't stop all my reflux symptoms instantly. Doing that AND EVERYTHING ELSE made me get better - gradually - over a period of months.


                            • Les

                              Yeah ... although if PPIs, H2s help me with the symptoms, I am assuming it is more acid that causes it. But you are right, LES functioning is the key to solving this.

                              In terms of my health, I've always been otherwise very healthy, am quite fit (was 150 pounds and 5 feet 7 inches .. now down to 134 pounds).

                              Could there be a neurological cause to this (since my nervous system is the one that gets affected with the side effects ... I am thinking the brain and the vagus nerve has gone out of sync with the signals). Not sure I can do anything about fixing it though!


                              • if PPIs, H2s help me with the symptoms, I am assuming it is more acid that causes it
                                You are assuming wrong. PPI's helped me, too. I have low acid ...not NO acid. GERD is about corrosive stuff being in the wrong place - not about how much there is. PPI's stop ALL of the acid production.

                                I am thinking the brain and the vagus nerve has gone out of sync with the signals
                                I totally agree. I can't find my reset switch, however.

                                I'm outa here. Take care!