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The All-Natural Regimen That Has Helped My Reflux Problem

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    Good Night NYer, (You need to start getting paid for this lol)

    I've been taking the Absorbaid and DGL supplements for a few days now. I'm been doing much better regarding reflux unless I eat something fatty like last night, I had some Jamaican Oxtail and boy oh boy, I felt that threw the night lol. But for the most part I've been careful with my diet and I'm still taking the PPI's as well, just until I get this under control than I could try the next step of coming off the meds. My Question is, now that I'm not getting as much refllux (Thank God) When I eat and take the Absorbaid, my stomach feels warm and gurgling as its trying to digest the food and if its really bad like last night, I'll feel the warmness "heartburn" in my chest straight to my mid back (so both places). Is this common? I know my stomach is still sensitive and the supplements won't work over night but I was just wondering if its common. It doesn't hurt and with time it'll go away eventually but its just uneasy for the 1hr or so. I've also noticed that I'm not constipated anymore. I had some 0% fat Activia today and I don't know if it was the yogurt, Absorbaid or because I haven't taken any Gaviscon in two nights!... But hey, at least I'm "gong" lol

    Also... I had some ultrasound results. Turns out I have really tiny Gallstones. My doc said there is more that one and she suggests that I take them out by surgery and also that it could be the cause of my stomach issues. BUT she says I don't have to because they are so small and she doesn't want to force me. They are nothing to be concerned about but they could be contributing to my Reflux. My other question is, when I went to the hospital when this all started, that was the first thing they checked for and didn't see anything. (although I think that emerg doc was in a rush) I read online that Gallstones can stem from rapid weight loss, so I'm thinking that's how I developed them since I've dropped 15lbs in a month. I donno!!! Have you heard of Acid reflux associated with Gallstones? All in all I'm waiting on the h pylori results before I make a decision.

    Thank God I AM feeling better other than the warmness in my belly after I eat and take the Absorbaid (which I only take with my main meals). But Everything takes time like you said NYer! I'm too young for this crap! lol

    BTW I wanna try that CAROB! YUM
    I do hope Hazel is doing ok!


    • Hi Nikki,
      Oxtail? Uh, you also want to stay away from jerk chicken! What were you thinking? Spicy/Heavy foods really don't work with GERD.
      The warm feeling in your stomach and/or chest is a GERD or gastritis symptom. It can also be a side effect from the PPI drugs. Some of the side effects I had from PPI's were exactly the same things that GERD can actually cause! But it's definitely NOT a side effect from the Absorbaid.
      And that's not only common but typical.
      As far as the constipation, Yes, the Activia could certainly be helping. It contains probiotics and those are helpful for that. You should be taking a probiotic supplement daily anyway.
      I wouldn't think that the Gaviscon would be causing constipation. But everyone is different and I suppose it could. It doesn't contain calcium, though, and it does contain magnesium. So, one would think the opposite would be the problem. I don't know if you're taking American Gaviscon or Canadian or English Gaviscon. The American one contains aluminum and maybe that could be the problem but the Canadian and English versions do not contain aluminum.

      Yes, your gallstones could absolutely be contributing to your reflux. And if you have gallstones, all I can tell you for sure is you have to cut WAAAAY down on your consumption of fatty foods / oils. More than that, I'm no expert on gallstones and can't give you any advice. However, you should search around on this board to find posts on gallstones because I know that lots of people here have/had gallstone issues.

      I'm glad you're feeling a little better.


      • Hi NYer,

        I came here to thank you for the kind comment you posted about me on the Nissen forum (figuring you'd see it here more readily), and I now want to thank you for teaching me about carob, not something I've ever heard of before. Or if I did, the info never stuck.

        Every few years I will have an attack of reflux because I overeat (never intentionally), and so people can never hear about not doing that too often! Last time I had reflux, I knew I had not overeaten, and I couldn't figure out what was going on. Then I realized I'd eaten a late lunch and then an early dinner. Apparently my GI system took offense at not being on its usual schedule. I was truly miserable for a few hours.


        • Thistle!
          My sistah from another mother! So nice to see you here. You're welcome, but it was easy to say something nice about you!

          And speaking of reflux from overeating...(although, this is not about overeating but about just eating too much of something that I shouldn't):
          Just two days ago, I was snacking on some hard cheese while watching TV in the evening and I overdid it. But I was so engrossed in the show that, I not only ate way too much of it, but I also forgot to take a Lactaid or Absorbaids. And I got heartburn. So I took 4 Absorbaids, and then just before bed, I chewed two DGL's - but it was still bothering me. So I chewed two Gaviscons and went to sleep on my wedge. I was fine in the morning. But let this be a lesson to you all that even after you're "better", you still have to remember to do everything the right way. The GERD is always lurking and looking for a reason to show itself. At least now, it's just in response to doing something dumb. Whereas, six years ago, it was my constant pain.

          Actually, I was watching "Game of Thrones" when this happened. One probably shouldn't eat *anything* while watching that sick, violent, yet addictive show. No wonder my digestive system got even with me.


          • Hello ladies,

            BAD day, my throat is on FIRE. Hurts to swallow and even speak.


            • Hazel, if you can tolerate dairy, pick up some plain vanilla ice cream and eat it slowly. When nothing else helps, I find that it cools off the burning like nothing else. It's temporary but it helps for a little while.
              Haagen Daz has a high fat level so it clings more, which is good.


              • Good Nght Everyone

                Hi NYer,
                I know, I know, I know! Ugh... I thought I would just try! I learned the hard way.... for now I'll just stick to the usual suspects that I've been eating for the past month or so. Thank God I felt better by the morning and after the yogurt... a whole lot better. No more fatty foods period!!! I'm also going to try rice milk. I usually drink almond milk but since this started I drank it once and it was horrible, I'm tempted to try again at a earlier time in the day but I'm scared of the consequences. Also I do lift weights and train but I haven't even seen the insides of a gym in the last month or so. Wow GERD takes a lot of energy and messes you up physically BIG TIME. since I don't trust my WHEY protein powder any more I'm in the process of looking for a non dairy product to possible get my protein in and start training again. I'm reading about "VEGA" right now. (I think that's the right name) My muscles are gonna be so cut on this new body but anywho....

                I just want to thank you again for just being here NYer... I think I would've gone nuts without this forum being so new to this! Big cyber hug from Canada!!!

                ohhhh.... Game of Thrones! I never eat while watching it cause I'm always jumping up and down and screaming at my TV LOL

                I hope everyone is having a good night! Feel better Hazel! ugh that sucks


                • Hi Nikki,
                  I'm surprised that you had an issue with almond milk. Rice Milk should be fine, though. I like both and haven't had a problem with either. I also like Hemp milk. But I'd think Rice would be the most non-problematic.
                  I've never had a problem with my whey protein powder. I like Solgar's "Whey to Go". It's highly rated and has no crap in it.
                  I haven’t tried the Vega. The only non-whey protein powder I’ve used was "Plant Fusion". I found the texture to be a bit pastier than the whey proteins I’ve used. It was OK but I wasn't crazy about it.

                  As far as working out - be careful doing anything where you bend over. Remember, if you bend over forward, or if you lay flat on your back, you may reflux just due to gravity. Also, if you put too much strain on your mid section, it could force stuff in your belly to go upwards (reflux). So while you're dealing with the GERD issues, you might want to tone down your workout. I can't give more advice than that because my workouts consist of picking up the remote and changing the channel.


                  • Hello NYer and NikkiB

                    Doing much better this morning. Went home from work yesterday and literally took a huge spoon full of manuka honey and shoved it in my mouth and swallowed very slowly. After dinner I had aloe vera juice and then my chamomile tea and went to bed. Don't know which one helped. but whatever..feel better today

                    Almond milk seems to be a big no no for me. I think I might actually be allergic to almonds. I discovered Rice Drink (milk) and I love it. I love all things dairy but for now dairy doesn't seem to love me although I've never had a problem with it in my life. I will try the ice cream anyhow.

                    I must say other than the sore throat a couple of times I'm feeling much better when not eating or thinking about food haha. While on the PPI's I felt like crap 24/7. I believe I have a much more positive attitude these days, anxiety has def been diminished to almost none at all and as far as the heartburn is concerned its exactly the same (maybe even less) as when on the meds. The lesson learned is that the PPI's really weren't doing anything for me. I'm beginning to believe I might be a case of too little acid in stomach.

                    My Esophageal Manometry and Impedence test are tomorrow. Not looking for to being hosed

                    Have a good day ladies.


                    • Yay!
                      I was feeling so badly for you last night.

                      These days, I find that on the rare occasion that I have bad heartburn and nothing helps it much, the next day I wake up and I'm fine. The ice cream is just something thick and cold that soothes and cools off my throat and esophagus. But it only helps while its going down. A little while later, it's all back. Now...that said... dairy does tend to produce mucous, which doesn't help when you're all phlegmy from GERD. And, lots of people are lactose intolerant, so it's not a great option for them. But there's always soy milk (icch). Or cashew milk "ice cream" (delicious). Or Rice Dream "ice cream" (good). Keep in mind, however, these are all fattening!

                      I think I might have a mild allergy to almonds, but the almond "milk" doesn't bother me at all. But for people with a true tree nut allergy, it'd be a bad idea. I like the Rice Dream rice "milk" (beverage) and Trader Joe's makes a good one, too. Whole Foods also makes one which is probably good but I haven't tried it.

                      I'm so glad that your anxiety is almost gone! It was probably coming from the PPI's more than anything else. One of the PPI's (I forget which one) made me super anxious. It was horrible. Anxiety, dry eyes, dry mouth, dizziness, chest pressure, giant belching. It was a real treat.
                      All things considered, it was just as bad as the GERD itself.

                      I'll bet you like shoving that spoonful of manuka honey in your mouth! LOL! You might want to pre-make some ICED chamomile tea for times when your throat is on fire. Hot tea and honey is good, but iced tea might feel better in those situations. And you can mix the honey into the tea.

                      Speaking of tea, I know you like the Rooibos tea like I do. There are some awesome variations of Rooibos. I really like Pomegranate-Vanilla Rooibos, and Red Velvet "chocolate" - which is actually carob and some other flavors mixed with the Rooibos base. I put a few drops of milk (or "milk") in that one. There is also a caramel-apple Roibos. yum. And blueberry Rooibos. And quite a few others. They're all great hot or cold and caffeine and acid free, so they're GERD friendly.


                      • NYer..I will gladly take all things "fattening". I've lost way too much weight. I had to dig out clothes from 7 years ago before my first kid was born, which some ppl would say oh wow good for you. Im not one of those ppl. I like meat on my bones and so does my hubby

                        It seems I always walk away with a shopping list from our conversation which is AWESOME (like you, but we all know that already). Where can I find the Red Velvet Rooibos? I haven't seen that one anywhere.


                        • Aww! You're awesome, too!
                          Republic of Tea makes the Red Velvet. You can buy it on their website ( but they charge for shipping. The Whole Foods near me carries it, so you might want to check the one near you. They also make the pomegranate vanilla and a bunch of others. On their site, do a search for "Rooibos". Mighty Leaf also makes some excellent teas. Their "African Nectar" is really good.

                          I agree with you about the weight.


                          • Oh, by the way,
                            The Red Velvet doesn't reeeally taste chocolatey. It's close but not really chocolate. But it's good - and I want it to be chocolate so it tastes more like it. However, they also make a chocolate mint and a chocolate strawberry but they're not very good. They taste thin and not chocolatey.


                            • Hey Ladies

                              Thanks for all the great information. ... I seem to be having a list myself! I'm glad your feeling better Hazel

                              Thanks NYer for the protein info, I don't plan on working out too much just maybe 2x a week. [email protected] "I can't give more advice than that because my workouts consist of picking up the remote and changing the channel." That's funny!

                              Just thought I'd bring up something off topic.... I guess my mind is just running a mile a minute today, feeling a little anxious about all that's going on all together! I lost so much weight and it makes me feel sooooo self conscious because everyone looks at me with concern! I hate it I'm sure you guys have experienced this~... My stomach feels really heavy tonight and warm and my chest hurts, not tight just very tender. I didn't really have any heavy food only some whole wheat bread through out the day, which I usually eat! I'm usually a confidant woman but this is wearing me out mentally and physically. Than finding about the "tiny" gallstones which I can't pass out... Just feeling like crap. Hazel, I totally understand about the weight thing... I'm use to looking more fuller and and I like my thickness.... I hope I don't loose anymore even though I know I cant help it! Sorry about the rant tonight ladies, I'm just feeling... blah

                              I gotta get that manuka honey!


                              • Don't worry. You'll put the weight back on once you start eating normally again. I did.
                                And you're still going to have symptoms for a while. Your insides are irritated and it takes time to heal. But focus on the fact that you know it's getting better, so it's going in the right direction and not getting worse.