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The All-Natural Regimen That Has Helped My Reflux Problem

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  • Hi Haley,

    I used to drink a banana, blueberry, kale, spinach smoothie every morning until it started to give me problems. All fruits tend to do me in right now. I had a couple of slices of my sons red apple the other day and suffered.

    I'm not on any allergy meds right now because I've never suffered from allergies before, of any kind. My body has just decided to fall apart on me.

    NikkiB..what are digestive bitters?


    • Hazel, I don't know if this could be a possibility but certain veggies and fruits are high in histamine like spinach for example that could be causing a reaction in someone who is sensitive (like me for example). I know you ever suffered from allergies before but many people who never had allergic reactions are getting them now so it's definitely an area to explore if only to rule out.

      Digestive bitters can help aid digestion. Here's some info:


      • Thank you very much Haley for the info. Yes, def open to allergies playing a role. My body has changed so much on me I don't doubt Im sensitive to all kinds of things I haven't been before. Aslo thanks for the info on the bitters. Any particular brand that may be best?



        • Hey everyone!
          Thanks for answering the question regarding digestive bitters Hayley! The one I'm using is called St. Francis Digestive Bitters and it does help so far!

          Im sorry that you are suffering so much Hazel, this has been the hardest thing I've ever had to deal with in all my life. And has defiantly took its toll on me! But everyday I wake up I thank God and push forward. I'm at 123 now and its worrying me as well. I look horrible. Like I said, im only 5'3 but I look like im withering away... if I put on 5lbs I would jump for joy! LOL Well I've been having quiet a bit of reflux between yesterday and today... im suspecting its the rebound effect from the PPI's.

          Also... since this started, my neck has been swollen aswell. Actually it looks like my thyroid, this has been going on since April but because I was focusing on my gastritis, I forgot about Thyroid until I felt it swollen from last night. I went to my Dr. Today and she ordered an ultrasound and is sending me to a specialist. She says she suspects that it might be overactive (Hyperthyroidism), if so be the case than my weight loss will make sense. So I'll see... I definitely have a lot of the symptoms so... who knows! Dame in 4mts it feels like my life is going hell in a handbag. But back to my gastritis... it does feel like something is working naturally so ill continue. I don't want to go back on PPI's! I'll try my best...

          Is anyone taking protein or weight gainers. it was suggested to me but unsure about the effects on my stomach.

          BTW it was my birthday yesterday and I had a blast at the spa. My body needed it!


          • Hi Nikki,

            Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. Glad you had a good time at the spa...could use one of those days myself. Thanks for the info on the bitters. Well aren't we all just a fine mess. I'm drinking a whey protein shake with rice milk and flax seed in-between my breakfast and lunch. Not sure if its helping yet, but not bothering my reflux. Good luck with the test for your thyroid. Hope they can get you some answers so you can get better.



            • Thanks Hazel!!! I turned 35 and decided to keep it low key. No turn up!! Only on gingerale Lol The water therapy was exactly what I needed! and they had some yummy smoothies that didn't bother me one bit.
              We're all a hot...... well I won't curse!Lol but we're messed up. I hope we all find some healing. And I'm praying for all of u!

              Regarding smoothies, I need ro start implementing that into my diet. Sounds delish! Funny... I have an appetite but can gain to save my life lol


              • Happy Birthday Nikki!!! I love spa days

                The smoothies definitely increase my appetite because they are delicious and I am planning to add protein powder to them starting maybe tomorrow. I ordered samples of Sunwarrior Warrior blend in natural and vanilla based on some excellent recommendations. They are free of dairy, gluten, soy, sugar and add a good amount of protein. I will let you know what I think when I add it to my smoothies.

                Hazel, for digestive bitters I have been using (on and off) Nature's Way Digestion with Enzymes with Herbal Bitters. I am going to check your recommendation out Nikki, thanks.


                • No problem and thank you Hayley!!! Umma try those smoothies starting tomorrow!

                  Originally posted by Hazeleyes View Post
                  Can I crash your beach house?
                  I'm coming too!!!


                  • Originally posted by NikkiB View Post
                    No problem and thank you Hayley!!! Umma try those smoothies starting tomorrow!

                    I'm coming too!!!
                    The more the merrier! NYer, you are invited too.
                    And of course SO 's also.


                    • Hey All!
                      Sorry I missed this exciting series of posts!
                      Hayley, you and I probably live right next door to each other...and we're probably going to the same beach this weekend!
                      So I'm packed and ready for the Vitamix party!!

                      "Bitters" - the idea with those is that they get your digestive system to say, "Oh yes, food will be coming down here, so I have to start pumping out the required enzymes and acids, etc." So you take them a little while before you eat and it gets your GI system pumped up and ready to start doing what it's supposed to do.
                      That's why, if I'm not mistaken, some Europeans have a little "digestif" prior to a meal.

                      Histamines - You know, the H2 Blockers that many of you take (Zantec, et al) are HISTAMINE blockers. So, even though it's a different histamine, I wouldn't be surprised if there is a correlation between what you all have been discussing allergy-wise and the GERD symptoms. That's worth Google-ing. I'd look into it for you but I'm really busy right now and can't.

                      And Happy Birthday everyone!



                      • Hey NYer! Thanks.... I'm 35 feeling like 60 and my body is definitely rebounding now of PPI's! REFLUX HELL along with neck stiffness

                        Originally posted by hayleyBW View Post
                        I ordered samples of Sunwarrior Warrior blend in natural and vanilla based on some excellent recommendations. They are free of dairy, gluten, soy, sugar and add a good amount of protein. I will let you know what I think when I add it to my smoothies.
                        Hey Hayley, my ND mentioned Sunwarrior to me. I haven't tried it yet! I really would like to hear your opinion on it! Right now I'm trying "Original New Zealand Whey". I purchased it in a natural food store... tastes yummy! and no reflux... I'll give it a couple more tries.

                        Its pouring here in Toronto!!!


                        • I use Solgar "Whey to Go". Never had any problems with it. Haven't tried the brands you mentioned. I will, though.

                          Nikki, I don't think I knew that you're Canadian.

                          What is the difference between a mugger in New York and a mugger in Canada?

                          The New York mugger says: "EY, gimme all your money!"
                          The Canadian mugger says: "Gimme all your money, ey?"


                          • This is totally off-topic...
                            Hayley, do you know anyone who is looking to rent out some weekends at their beach house? Maybe one of your neighbors? We used to have a place we'd rent out east but they sold it and the new owners are using it and not renting.
                            So that left us without a place. I haven't yet found anything affordable this summer.


                            • Lmao I needed to laugh! Thanks NYer
                              Yes I'm Canadian, born and raised! Both my parents are Jamaican.


                              • Hey NYer, I don't know of anyone renting but I will ask around and see if there are any possibilities. Any area in particular you are interested in renting?

                                And lol funny joke. I love the Canadian speech patterns/accent. My Canadian friends like my NY accent too.

                                Nikki I haven't sampled the Sunwarrior protein powder yet but will update here with my review as soon as I do.