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The All-Natural Regimen That Has Helped My Reflux Problem

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  • Hello Everyone!

    Hazel - Happy to hear that you symptoms have subsided a bit! That's a good thing! seems like your doctor is on top of things... I'm learning that if you don't get a handle on Gastritis it could escalate and get worse. I pray that things start turning upwards for you and you start healing!

    Heyley - oh dear, I'm sorry to hear your pain! Dealing with your leg on top of GERD, I couldn't imagine! I also saw your pictures.... by the way you described I thought it would be much worse in terms of swelling! This is a very difficult time your going through like many of us and its natural to feel down at times, as long as you don't stay there!

    NYer - I so wish I could eat ice cream... but dairy isn't my friend lol - Dame NYer, you've been through a lot!!! and your still here kicking! that gives me hope, this Gastritis has really completely changed my life!

    As for me, I'm been feeling better in terms of my stomach. since I started taking 4 absorbaids with every meal with is like 4x a day, food hasn't really been sitting anymore which is a good thing! I still feel like crap on some days but I'm learning do deal with it. My energy has been up and down, and my cycle has been so off!!! Have any of you ladies experience this??? I know that gastritis is a stomach issue and according to the GI "Its not serious, you just have a really sensitive stomach" but didn't realized how much this illness can effect your whole body and life! My symptoms has been up and down, my immune system is defiantly low, taking some stuff for that to get that back up! Since Gastritis, I've had a UTI, strep throat, a cold, and maybe another UTI i feel coming (went to buy some D mannose)... I've never had any of these **** before!!!! some weeks it feels like I'm improving a lot and on the healing end and some weeks it feels as though I'm going backwards. but right now my progress seems to be on a halt where nothing is improving or getting worse, just steady. I'm tired most days and don't want to do anything, I know it takes some adjusting supplements to see what works, and its very hard on my pockets! Anywho, I'm due for a physical so I will book one and also see where my vitamin levels are at!
    I'm once again on my cycle so I'm very emotional lol so that's my update

    Peace and love everyone! Cheers to better health!


    • NYer's regimen for boosting your immune system and not getting sick

      OK, my minions! You will want to take notes on this one. I haven't done a list in a while. I'm going to give you a compilation of what I take to boost my immune system. Many of these supplements are excellent for GERD, as well. I will specify which ones are good for your immune system and which are good for both, immune system and GERD.

      So, here is NYer's regimen for boosting your immune system and not getting sick (These are NOT in order of importance - they are in order of what pops into my brain! They are all important): I take ALL of these EVERY DAY.

      1. Vitamin D (Good for immune system and good for GERD.)

      Get your blood levels of Vitamin D checked. Unless you live in Florida, your levels are probably too low. Your body can only make it from sunshine. People north of the latitude of Atlanta need to supplement (Nikki - you are VERY north, so this means you!). And most of the people here can be sure that there is some correlation between their gastric condition and low Vit-D, too. After you get know your levels, supplement accordingly.
      A level of 50 ng/ml is ideal. Depending on how low your current blood levels are, you may want to take 2,000 IU/day ...or if you're very low, start at 6,000 IU/day for two months and then drop down to 4,000 IU for 2 months and then 2,000 IU.

      Here is a really good link that explains what kind of test to get, how to interpret the numbers, and how much vitamin D to supplement with:

      I prefer to take a liquid Vitamin D supplement - very easy to take, absorbs easily, and one less dang pill to swallow.
      I take Biotics Research, Bio-D-Mulsion Forte. One drop is 2,000 I.U. I put a drop onto my food (preferably something with fat or oil in it - Vit D absorbs better with fat). That's it. And it tastes OK.

      2. L-Glutamine (Good for immune system and good for GERD.)

      I take 2 grams of powdered L-Glutamine mixed into water on an empty stomach before each meal. It has no flavor. (You can also take tablets or capsules.) It's amino acid and it has anti-inflammatory action that decreases the inflammation associated with GERD. Glutamine helps to protect your gastrointestinal tract lining (mucosa). It also helps your immune system function and is needed for normal brain function and digestion.

      Here is a good article on L-Glutamine:

      3. Probiotics (Good for immune system and good for GERD.)

      There are hundreds of different species of bacteria in your digestive tract, helping you digest your food. There is a correlation between this “good” bacteria and your immune system. For example, certain bacteria in the gut influence the development of the immune system, by correcting deficiencies and increasing the numbers of certain T cells.
      You should only take probiotic supplements that are refrigerated. I like Natren products. I take their "Healthy Trinity" capsules. It's oil-based and contains multiple types of probiotics. It's pretty expensive, though. They do have other products, too, that are powders or powders-in-capsules that are less expensive. Plenty of other good brands, too - that just happens to be what I take.
      To get probiotics without taking pills, you can also eat fermented foods (fermented vegetables, fermented milk products, like yogurt, cheese, buttermilk, kefir, fermented soy products (natto, miso, tempeh, fermented tofu), and sauerkraut. I don't, personally eat all of those, but I do eat some. I would think sauerkraut could be a GERD trigger for some of us, but that varies.

      4. Astragalus (Good for immune system.)
      (I will duplicate part of what I posted earlier about this herb)

      It's an herb that is very good for supporting your immune system. One of the key uses for astragalus is to improve immune function. Although more evidence is needed, one of the ways astragalus is thought to work is by increasing the production of immune cells. It may also have mild antiviral activity and help with the prevention of colds. You can take it as a capsule or as a liquid extract. I took it as a capsule for a long time but then I wanted to cut down on the number of pills I swallow - so now I use the liquid extract in my morning tea (I use one dropperful). I prefer extracts that don't have any alcohol in them, so I use Nature's Answer Alcohol-Free Astragalus extract. has a good price.

      A lot of people recommend Echanacea. You can take that, too. But you should only take it for a few weeks at a time and then stop for a few weeks. Whereas, you can take Astragalus all the time - which I do.

      Here's some info on Astragalus. Note that if you have an auto-immune condition, or take steroid drugs, you shouldn't take astragalus without checking with your doctor. And that proves that it does help your immune system:

      Side Effects and Safety Concerns

      People with autoimmune diseases, such as Crohn's disease, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes or systemic lupus erythematosus shouldn't use astragalus unless recommended by a qualified healthcare practitioner. People who have had transplant surgery should not use astragalus.

      Possible Interactions

      Astragalus may interfere with the effectiveness of corticosteroid medications, such as:

      Nasacort (triamcinolone)
      Beconase, Vancenase (beclomethasone)
      Decadron (dexamethasone)
      Deltasone (prednisone)
      Medrol (methylprednisolone)

      Astragalus may decrease the effectiveness of drugs that suppress the immune system, such as Imuran (azathioprine), CellCept, cyclosporine, Prograf, Rapamune and Zenapak.

      Theoretically, astragalus can increase the effectiveness of antiviral medications such as acyclovir and amantadine.
      5. Elderberry Extract (Good for immune system.)

      Elderberry Extract!! Also called "Sambucus" (I think that's the Latin name.)
      This is the brand I use: Nature's Way Sambucus Sugar-Free Syrup.
      You don't have to get the Sugar-Free version - that's what I take. They make a regular version, too. I take it every day all year long. Two teaspoons daily. But if you think you're getting sick, take 2 teaspoons FOUR times daily. You can't overdose on it but you don't need to take more than necessary and waste it. Another good brand is Gaia Herbs. Stuff is totally natural and it's awesome. Gaia also makes it in capsules. I take these with me when I go on vacation because I don't want to carry a bottle of liquid with me...and the liquid elderberry extract WILL STAIN if you spill it!!

      6. Colostrum (Good for immune system and GERD.)

      This is one I haven't mentioned here before.

      Colostrum is the first milk following birth and it contains the greatest concentration of blood proteins called immunoglobulins, which help pass on immunity to infants from their mothers (but also helps adults). Llactoferrin (an ingredient in Colostrum) actually stimulates the growth of new immune cells.

      Colostrum supplements are made from bovine (cow) colostrum.
      Here is an article explaining more about it.

      Apparently, bovine colostrum helps protect the gut and treat a wide variety of stomach and intestinal issues such as inflammatory bowel disease, short bowel syndrome, NSAID drug-induced gut injury and chemotherapy-induced mucositis. Therefore, I assume that these gut protecting abilities are what also help our gastritis issues with GERD.

      I take the Symbiotics brand. Haven't tried any others.
      First I tried the powder mixed in water and I did NOT like the taste at all.

      Now I take the capsules - which are the same powder but in capsules so you don't taste it. They're fine.

      They also make chewables. I tried the cherry. They're delicious!
      You chew two (or take two caps) on an empty stomach. The chewables contain a little sugar, so that's why I switched to the capsules (since I'm diabetic). It's a shame because the chewables taste so good, I actually looked forward to taking them.
      On the flip side, the capsules (supposedly) don't dissolve until they're in your intestine. Whereas, the chewables (and powder) are digested in your stomach. I called their customer service number to find out which is preferable and why. The guy said that for people who use it for re-building muscle after working out, the powder or chewable is preferable. But for people using it for immune-building properties, the capsule is preferable. As far as which is better for GERD? I'm guessing the chewables and/or powder.

      OK, that's about all my brain can come up with right now.

      Yours in good health,

      P.S.- Nikki! Start doing this stuff!


      • Nikki -
        Women without much fat on their bodies may have fewer periods or go longer without ovulating. Women who over-exercise and/or lose too much weight too quickly (like anorexics) stop menstruating temporarily (usually until they put some body fat back on). So, it's not the GERD, per se, that would cause a disruption in your cycle. But the loss of body fat due to not being able to eat much, could definitely be a factor.


        • Hey NYer,
          Thanks for the Immune system suggestion! What would be the main ones you would recommend? I'm on a budget!

          And regarding my cycle, I find its coming faster now. I've always been irregular and heavy but my last 3 periods were quite fast and this one is heavy. And What was concerning me is the fact that I only lost my appetite within the first two mts since this started but I can say that I've been eating pretty well, full meals with my shakes, like I was eating before gastritis but obviously staying away from dairy and breads. That's why it was puzzling to me why I was still loosing weight. Well now I've stopped (stuck at 123-125) From what I've read through most experiences with GERD, they loose weight because they can't or don't eat enough. AND OH I'M EATING! With good bowl movements, once a day! I asked a doctor at a hospital and he told me that gastritis may have screwed up they way I digest foods so even though I'm eating I may not be absorbing what I need. Hence weight loss... that made sense to me. Been taking absorbaid since Monday so I'll see if it makes a difference now that I'm not on PPI's! (But yes back to my cycle... the last 3 were way too close together lol


          • What would be the main ones you would recommend
            None of them are expensive. Shop around. The particular brand of probiotic I take is pricey - so take a different one. Again, shop around.

            regarding my cycle...
            You should see your Gyn. And you should get your thyroid checked. And I don't know enough about anemia to say if there is any correlation but for all I know, there could be.


            • ok Thanks NYer!

              I have a Thyroid appt for August 21 so I need to wait a bit, and I'll ask my Dr. to see a GYN during my physical!
              Have a wonderful day NYer and everyone else! Its beautiful today!



              • don't have a regular Gynecologist that you see annually for a full Gyn exam and Pap Smear?!? If you don't, you must. That really isn't an option for an adult woman. And...if I understood what you can't just ask your internist during a physical to call a Gyn into the room to do an exam. They're specialists and they examine you on a very specific type of table. You can ask your internist to refer you do someone good or ask one of your friends if they have one they like.


                • Originally posted by NYer View Post
         don't have a regular Gynecologist that you see annually for a full Gyn exam and Pap Smear?!? If you don't, you must. That really isn't an option for an adult woman. And...if I understood what you can't just ask your internist during a physical to call a Gyn into the room to do an exam. They're specialists and they examine you on a very specific type of table. You can ask your internist to refer you do someone good or ask one of your friends if they have one they like.
                  No I don't have one. My GP also did my Pap Smear for years, but since I've changed Drs. this year I will look into one! With Gynecologists, you need to be referred to one by your Physician here in Ontario. You need to be referred for everything lol
                  Regarding Pap smears here in Ontario, they are only done every two years! Unless you have a specific kind of health history that would require you to have it done annually. That's what my (old) GP told me and apparently they want to change it to every 3yrs now or it is (are you kidding me????) I'm actually looking into that now~ My old GP wasn't the greatest doctor! but realized how bad he was this year! SMDH


                  And I didn't mean by me asking my GP to call a GYN into the room to do my exam lol.... I meant when I go in for my annual physical with my new GP, I will ask her to refer me to one.


                  • NYer great info. Nikki, it sounds like you are starting to go down the right path and I hope you start to see increased improvements.

                    Update: my surgeon called me just now at 8PM (Friday night) to see why I called. I am impressed as I wasn't expecting a call today at all with the PA not working and the surgeon being in surgery and it being Friday. He agreed the pain could be due to the manipulation yesterday but wanted me to loosen the boot and any bandages I have on (which I don't but I am sure he doesn't remember). He said I could take more pain meds also which I am doing because when the pain is intense it is overwhelming.

                    I actually had a good day though as my girlfriend visited me and the visiting nurse came. I haven't heard from PT scheduling yet but hopefully they will call and set me up for next week so I can start the ball rolling.

                    And LOL I remembered a question I wanted to ask my surgeon the second we hung up. I know I cannot do weight bearing for 3 months but I was wondering if I could start swimming to keep in shape? As far as I remember that is not considered weight bearing so I am hoping I can start that sooner than 3 months. Like next week haha. OK OK I have to be patient not my best virtue if you couldn't tell haha.

                    Have a great weekend everybody!


                    • Nice that he called you. That's good.
                      Re swimming - are you allowed to take the boot off? Are you allowed to get the stitches wet?


                      • I am allowed to shower without the boot and have to keep it on otherwise. My last row of stitches are coming out next Thursday hopefully. I am trying not to get too hopeful but it would be amazing if the surgeon said it was OK to swim a few times a week once I am healed from the external incisions which might not be for at least a few more weeks. But the thought that I might be allowed to do that gets me excited and well I don't want to get my hopes up because he hadn't mentioned swimming as a possibility within the 3 month no weight bearing time. But my brain is in overdrive because my body is in under drive and I am uncomfortable not moving much. I had been a very active person up to the accident and my body is rebelling a bit. My knees are achey from inactivity and my mind is restless from not being able to exercise my body if that makes sense.


                        • Hello ladies.

                          Haley...looked at the pics and agree with everything NYer said. I was expecting much worse. Don't worry about "complaining" on here. We all lean on each other at different times and most at the same time.

                          Nyer... love the minions As always your info and instructions are awesome.

                          Nikki..two steps forward, two steps back. I never was good at dancing (unless I had a couple of drinks ) .

                          As for me at the moment I'm doing the dance. I added probiotics and have felt some improvement. I'm able to eat a bit more and my body aches are fewer. I still can't get a handle on my "triggers". I ate a pc of my sons apple the other day and I could feel the acid coming up my throat. My hubby has been making me vegie soups and I'm basically living off of that. I gained 4 lbs. 15 to go to look healthy

                          Wishing you all a healthy week and some fun in the sun. (Haley, hope you get the ok to swim)


                          • Hazel,
                            I'm so glad that you're doing better. And you're welcome!


                            • Hazel, Thank you and I'm glad you are doing better!

                              I have an appointment tomorrow with the surgeon but I already know the answer about swimming. No swimming i for at least a few months. Incisions have to heal completely and too much risk. Oh well.

                              Work just sent an amazing get well basket. I have to tell you I did not expect that at all. Lots of fruit and light and dark chocolate covered bananas, strawberries, kiwis, watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes and a balloon. Pretty.
                              I have to laugh because everyone is sending me food gifts haha. Friends at the beach sent me this huge jelly belly assortment (I used to be a jelly bean fiend but not for many years) and I am getting so many food assortments. I am touched people care and tonight I was just so surprised because work is usually incredibly cheap. I cannot imagine what got into them but it is nice to feel appreciated and missed.

                              Hope everyone else is doing well and enjoying a pain free summer as much as possible. I am hanging in there as best I can and looking forward to sometime in the (near I hope) future where I am feeling like myself and able to walk and bike again. And being as pain free as possible. I think right now the pain is still my biggest challenge.



                              • OMG! That looks delicious! Be careful with pineapple, though. Might be a trigger. I'm so hungry right now - I just ordered my dinner and then I looked at your fruit basket. nom nom nom.....
                                So I guess your boss doesn't hate you as much as you thought.