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The All-Natural Regimen That Has Helped My Reflux Problem

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  • Mita,
    Go to to do a search for a Naturopath in your area. You can find one in Ohio, it's just that only 16 states allow for full licensing and you can actually get reimbursed by insurance. So the one in Ohio can be just as good but he/she is more limited in what they can actually do - for example, they might have to send you to someone else (doctor or nurse practitioner) to write a prescription or draw blood.
    Here's a blurb:

    Sixteen states and four provinces allow the practice of naturopathic medicine: Alaska, Arizona, British Columbia, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Manitoba, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ontario, Oregon, Saskatchewan, Utah, Vermont, and Washington. Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands also have licensing laws for naturopathic doctors. In a number of states and provinces where there is not yet professional licensure, naturopathic medical associations are actively engaged in legislative initiatives to pass licensing laws. The scope of practice varies from state to state and province to province. In states and provinces without naturopathic licensing laws, many who hold the N.D. degree also hold other degrees, such as the Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Chiropractic, or Masters in Oriental Medicine degree, and they practice under licenses for those professions. Others offer services that do not violate their states and provincial medical practice acts. Most naturopathic physicians are in the states and provinces that regulate the profession.

    Also, you mentioned that your daughter is drinking aloe juice. If it helps, fine. I found no use for it. And some people get diarrhea from it, so don't overdo it. And if she's not improving, there is no need for it. And she doesn't need to eat an "alkaline diet". She just needs to avoid the trigger foods that I've listed many times in this thread.

    I'm glad she's using the DGL but, as I've said many times in this thread, you can't pick and choose which things you like and not use the others. You have to do ALL of them. As you start to improve, you can stop using something and see if it makes any difference. I, for example, after 8 years, decided to give a try to sleeping without wedges. It was OK for a day or two, but after that, I found myself very phlegmy in the mornings and constantly clearing my throat. And then, of course, heartburn. So I went right back on the wedges and I'm fine. I also think that the digestive enzymes are extremely important.


    • Originally posted by NYer
      YES! I do think it's controllable with just natural stuff. That's what I've done. And I was feeling HORRIBLE three years ago.

      Sure, if you can find them. I've never seen them anywhere. And the ONLY place I've ever found the powder is at [url][/url]

      STOP using pillows to prop yourself up. You need a gradual up-slope from your belly to your head. If you have the pillows under your head, it just bends your neck. Use a wedge. The one I found that I like is expensive. It's around $90. It has a layer of memory foam on the top and is extra long so I don't slide down. They have it at AlexOrthopedic:
      A few other places have it, too, but they're all about the same price. That same site has cheaper ones, too, take a look under pillows/wedges section. You can also find cheaper ones (not the long ones, though) at usually. And Bed Bath and Beyond and stores like that always carry the regular (shorter) ones.'

      Regarding "burning on the way down" way with the kind I take. It's VERY SOOTHING. She may be referring to some other kind.
      I used to use the powder and put it on yogurt or applesauce. It didn't mix well with water. The issue with taking the capsules or tablets is that they don't dissolve till they hit your stomach. The theory, however, is that the calcium coming into direct contact with your LES (lower esoph sphincter) is what helps to tighten it up. That's why the powder or liquid would work better for that.

      Yes, your naturopath is correct. It should be helpful and for those reasons.

      Re your other post...
      Yeah, you have GERD. Especially since it got "better" while you were on the PPI's. Use the wedge. It'll help. I recommend that you put some pillows under your knees (or a leg wedge), too, it works like when a mechanic puts a chuck under the wheels of a truck while he's working on it so it doesn't roll! The knee wedge keeps me from sliding down off the wedge and ending up with my neck bent and my body flat.

      Stop eating anything 3 hours before bedtime. And take the Canadian or English Gaviscon at bedtime.

      Should help.
      Hi Nyer,

      I have a quick question to you, if you remember me, my daughter was 13 and has LPR. I am giving her the liquid Cal Mag from Strentta which you had written about. Are you still taking it, has it helped ? I give 15 ml once at night.

      Any advice >

      Thanks, Mita


      • I am giving her the liquid Cal Mag from Strentta which you had written about. Are you still taking it, has it helped ? I give 15 ml once at night.
        I never wrote about that brand (I'm not familiar with it) but I did write about using Cal Mag.
        The brand I've been using more recently is Solgar. It tastes really good. It's called Solgar Liquid Calcium Magnesium Citrate with Vitamin D3. It comes in Blueberry and also in Orange-Vanilla and also in Strawberry. One tablespoon contains 600mg of Calcium and 300mg of Magnesium Citrate.
        I really can't tell you if that helped overall. I like it and it's good for me, so I still take it.... BUT!! Since your daughter is only 13, I have no idea if it's a good idea for her to take that dosage, so check with your doctor or naturopath.


        • Hi Nyer,
          Is there an easy way to determine if you have low acid? I have some of those strips but never felt they provided a good reading
          I have hearburn. I have had irritated/inflamed esophagus for some time. A year ago from now it worsened and I began with chestpain. I did a barium swallow and also an upper scope. Nothing. Only that it is inflamed. I took Tecta first and then Nexium. I noticed some improvement at first but couldnt say it was due to the pills. I certainly felt bad while taking the pill and at some point stop taking them because I thought they cause the problem. I also tried alkalyne water and appear to work at first but certainly didnt eliminate the feeling.
          I exercise and eat very healthy (although not a strict diet as you do)
          I just received absorbaid and the DGL yesterday. I am also setting up a new bed (with adjustable slope) tomorrow. Hoping they work. Thanks for helping on this forum!


          • Hi Garce,
            The only valid way that I'm aware of to test for low acid is the Heidelberg Capsule Swallow Test.
            Here's a link:
            You swallow a capsule which has a thread attached to it and they tape the thread to your cheek to keep the capsule tethered in your stomach. It stays in for about 20 minutes (it might have been more like a half's been 8 years since I had it done) and they measure your stomach acid. They have you drink some things like Sodium Bicarb to change the pH and see how your system reacts. The capsule sends radio waves to a receiving machine that shows real-time information about your stomach acid.
            Then, they pull it back out at the end. That made me gag a little on the way out but nothing horrible.

            If you look on the web, there's all sorts of BS "advice" on testing with HCL pills or vinegar or Sodium Bicarb. But the reality is that those home tests really don't show you what you need to know - if they work at all.
            It's possible that there are other newer tests out there that I'm not aware of. I haven't been keeping up too diligently these days because I'm basically FINE! So it's no longer in the forefront of my mind, I'm happy to report.
            I hope everything works out well for you.