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  • 1000 Year Old Acid Reflux Remedy

    Here is an interesting treatment option from this reflux site, [url][/url]

    With the risk of side effects and the desire to avoid chemicals and drugs, an acid reflux natural remedy is an attractive solution for many heartburn sufferers.

    For this reason and the increased interest in Chinese Medicine many people wonder if there’s evidence behind the acupuncture therapies that are offered by many practitioners.

    Firstly, let me say that it’s hard to tell whether acupuncture will work for you, as there are so many different causes of the condition and everyone reacts differently.

    However, within the past few years, there has been significant interest in this topic by the medical community. For example a Taiwanese gastroenterologist recently undertook two acupuncture experiments that were designed to study the effectiveness of traditional eastern medicine as an acid reflux natural remedy.

    The study was published in the August 2005 issue of the American Journal of Physiology-Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology by Dr. Duowu Zhou, Wei Hao Chen, Katsuhiko Iwakiri, Rachael Rigda, Marcus Tippett and Richard H. Holloway of the Royal Adelaide Hospital, Australia.

    In the two experiments it was reported that the transient lower esophageal sphincter relaxations (TLESR’s), which directly effects acid reflux, were inhibited by electrical acupoint stimulation. This is a high-tech version of the traditional acupuncture procedure. The two experiments used stimulation that was barely felt on the Neiguan acupoint found on the wrist.

    This stimulation reduced transient lower esophageal sphincter relaxations by a surprising 40% from 6 an hour to just to three and a half an hour. It was also significantly higher than the placebo group, which received “sham” stimulation on the hip, which lowered TLESR’s by only 0.02 times per hour.

    Of course, whether or not acupuncture would work for you is dependent upon your own unique condition. You may want to try the therapy more than once to test whether or not it will be successful in your own case. You may also want to try traditional forms of acupuncture as an acid reflux natural remedy. It has also been shown to be successful and is typically less expensive than the electrical acupoint stimulation. Moreover, it is more likely to be covered by your health insurance policy.

    Acupuncture has been an acid reflux natural remedy for over two thousand years in Chinese medicine. The traditional form has been used up until and including current times to battle the symptoms of GERD, including pain, burning, nausea, and vomiting. Modern research has suggested – as in the case of the experiments at the Royal Adelaide Hospital – that acupuncture functions by altering the way that nerve cells signal one another, and can influence the way the central nervous system releases certain chemicals in the body. It is the recent study, though, that is the first to give evidence that it can, indeed, benefit the function of the lower esophageal sphincter.

    Though the study used electro-acupoint instead of the stimulation of needles as the acid reflux natural remedy, the researchers don’t see any reason that they should not offer similar results overall as they both apply stimulation to a specific acupuncture point.

    As an alternative to acupuncture, with needles or electric stimulation, you could try acupressure. This involves applying pressure on acupuncture points with your fingers and thumbs. You could try this at home by applying pressure to the Neiguan or P6 point on your wrist. This is located on the inside of the wrist between the 2 large tendons. To find the spot for this acid reflux natural remedy hold your hand out and bend it toward you, the Neiguan or P6 point is in the middle of the wrist about two finger-widths from where the hand and wrist meet.

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    Hi john319

    I tired acupuncture. I spent about $700 on it. It did not help me at all. The person who did the acupuncture claimed he learned it in China. My Insurance does not cover acupuncture. I put acupuncture in the same area as chiropractors. When traditional Medicine does not help some people (like me) start spending our hard earned money on treatments that make big promises but don’t help. Let the buyer beware


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      Acupuncture is something I believe in. I've had it for all sorts of ailments. However, it did not help me with my reflux issues at all, although it did help temporarily lower the stress they caused.


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        I've been calling around and talking to acupuncturists as I'm interested in going down this route. I'm supposed to be on a combo of PPI and domperidone and the prospect of having to take these drugs indefinitely has left me very ambivalent. But I don’t want to rush into acupuncture either…

        I talked to two medical-acupuncturists today and I must say it’s been a quietly depressing experience. One doctor was very kind and generous with his time but recommended I continue shopping as his specialty is in orthopedic treatment. The 2nd doctor listened to what I said and told me to not mess around and to stay on the medication. He said he had one patient who refused medication and ended up with cancer. I asked him if he was saying acupuncture doesn’t work for acid reflux? He said that it helps if there is pain from acid reflux but that acupuncture didn’t heal or stop acid reflux itself.


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          Originally posted by tdonline View Post
          The 2nd doctor listened to what I said and told me to not mess around and to stay on the medication. He said he had one patient who refused medication and ended up with cancer. .
          Hi What that doctor should remember is there is no sufficient evidence that PPIS even prevent cancer . It is unknown at present . PPI companies are not allowed per FDA to advertise these drugs as cancer preventatives for a reason .... because studies have not proven it . Astra Zeneca even points out on their various sites that PPIS are not proven to prevent cancer . The AGA states in their guidelines PPIS should be used primarily for symptom control, and the evidence is lacking and conflicting at present that they alter the course of disease .

          Originally posted by tdonline View Post
          He said that it helps if there is pain from acid reflux but that acupuncture didn’t heal or stop acid reflux itself..
          Acupuncture couldn't fix a structural abnormalty like a defective diaphram or a short esophagus . People have different factors contributing to their problems though. Many people have functional or hypersensitivity implications. Since the LES is innervated by the vagus nerve , who knows if acupuncture could help with that . ? There are studies saying that acupuncture reduces TSLRS and there are clinical trials concerning that topic going on now . Here is a 2 year study that is ending in May 2009 by Kansas City Veteren Affairs . It says "It is conceivable that acupuncture may be effective in patients with GERD because it has been shown to alter acid secretion, GI motility and visceral pain (21, 22). "


          There is this study published in Journal watch [url][/url]
          " Acupuncture is effective in patients with GERD who do not respond to standard PPI therapy. Time will tell i guess ".


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            Thanks for the links Tricia. I can't wait to hear about the KC study in 2009.

            I guess this is one of those things you won't know for yourself until you lay down the cold hard cash for it. I've heard so many conflicting reports about acupuncture. Since it's also not covered by my insurance, I'm completely hung up on doing as much research on it...but it's also gotten to the point where I'm afraid to pull the trigger.