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    Hi All, haven't posted in a while so here's an update:

    A few months ago, I started seeing a Naturaopathic doctor who put me on a very strict food elimination diet. I don't seem to have any food allergies, so I went ahead with the Bravo test, which was done at the beginning of March.

    It came out normal.

    The doctor (my 4th Gastro Doc) said right out, that I don't have acid reflux. In fact, before taking the test, after telling him the problems I've had with PPI's (one of which was very high blood pressure 200/100), he said that I probably didn't have GERD. The test just confirmed that.

    After all this time it's kind of surprising. He told me to go back to my ENT and discuss other reasons for the burning throat. When I mentioned possible gall bladder problems, he just said something to the effect that they are hard to determine.

    Recently, I have been getting pain on my right side near the ribcage area.
    At first, it was most pronounced at night, but now I feel it during the day as well. In addition, I feel some nausea, and even when I have an appitite, I get full quickly and don't feel so great.

    There is a collegue of mine who claims to have had similar throat problems as me. He said his doctor found gall stones with an ultrasound test. Once his gall bladder was removed, it took care of his problems.

    I'm thinking that with the pain I'm having, that maybe this has been a gall bladder problem all along.

    I made another appointment with my Gastro doc to talk about this, and to request an ultrasound.

    Any comments would be appreciated.



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    It is certainly possible that you are sensitive to "normal" levels of reflux, i.e., reflux that does not lower ph more than in the average, non-symptomatic patient. There are a lot of people out there who have reflux symptoms with normal ph tests. GI doctors, however, have not universally accepted the idea of hypersensitivity/hyperreactivity to reflux. There is a test called an impedance test which can be used to determine if your symptoms correlate with episodes of normal amounts of reflux. There is a lot of controversy about whether aggressive treatment with surgery can help those of us who have this. Still, it would

    The right-sided pain is more suggestive of gall bladder symptoms, and so it makes sense to pursue that--your regular GP physician can order the tests. Still, the problem may be a separate one.

    Because I have gastroparesis, a slow-emptying stomach, I am apt always to tell people to get a gastric emptying scan for chronic nausea. That need not be something you pursue now, but if the gall bladder looks good, perhaps it is something to keep in mind.

    Good luck. And always seek second opinions when you continue to suffer. That's the main point. Only after some thorough work-ups should we throw up our hands and stop looking for answers and accept our fate.

    Just some thoughts.




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      Thanks Kevin,
      I'm certainly not throwing up my hands yet.