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  • More Heartburn Information

    For more information about Heartburn and Gerd please visit the Home page of


    Read real stories, investigate drug information and much more.

    Coffee Tamer can be purchased through the Heartburn-help Web site and is a proven way to reduce acid in foods and drink before you consume them.

    Thousands of people are taking advantage of this seemingly little known secret and we would like to get the word out so others can see if it will provide relief as well as an expanded diet selection for them.


    If you have benefited from the site and would like to make a donation toward the ongoing cost of maintenance, please visit the following:


    We are always looking for additions to our Real Stories section as well as testimonials for the Tamer forum on the message board. Suggestions are also always welcome and can be sent to [email][email protected][/email]

    We wish to thank everyone for the ongoing support you have shown. We are working hard to produce an informative as well as community friendly place to visit for support of heartburn and Gerd.

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    24 hour probe question

    can anyone tell me if having the impedance and 24 hour probe together makes more sense than just the 24 hour by itself. i am scheduled wed for this and was thinking why would they just do one, its just placing another probe