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burning in my throat when I breathe

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  • burning in my throat when I breathe

    I have LPR but my throat problem is not like a regular sore throat like you get when you have a cold. It burns when I take a breath. Does this sound familiar to anyone else? It's almost like I've had a peppermint in my mouth.

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    Does it happen all the time or sometimes?


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      it was daily until I started taking nexium last year. Now I only have this occasionally. When I went to the doctor with this throat problem I was really surprised to learn of LPR - I had never thought of that.


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        burning in throat when you breathe

        I have been having variable throat symptoms for years. Iwas very surprised when you said it felt like you had had a peppermint when you breathe.
        4 yrs ago I was under horrible stress, had a horrible cold and cough. After the cold subsided I felt like I had a tumor in my throat. I had an endoscopy and was also seen by an ENT doctor.
        My epiglottis was swollen and I was found to have reflux. I tried many of the proton pump inhibitors but they all seemed to cause a tight or pulling sensation in the back of my throat . At this time I was having alot of heartburn in my chest and back. I felt the best on Protonix. 2 yrs ago I noticed I was having to take extra breaths when I was talking.
        In May of 2002 I had to have some surgery and the intubation was very difficult. I was found to have subglottic stenosis which is a narrowing of my airway with scar tissue which they thought was from reflux.
        All of the acid reflux test (2 endoscopies, 5 ph probe studies !!!,
        a barium swallow and an Impedence test. Some tests were done at the Cleveland Clinic. All of these tests were negative !!!
        I have very puzzling throat symptoms --- cracking sensations in my neck, burning in my lower neck , a warm glowing feeling when I breath which I think you are describing as that peppermint feeling.I always felt like I had just inhaled some ammonia )
        funny sensations in my chin and under that chin in that hole.
        I cough ALOT and clear my throat ALOT.
        All of these symptoms get better at times and worse at times
        about 3-4 weeks at a time is about average.
        I am allergic to Nexium -- its caused terrible itching.
        Pepcid gave me violent diarrhea so I am now on large doses of
        Zantac. If anyone has any suggestion I would like to hear from
        you Thanks I have read some interesting articles about


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          I have a similar feeling when I breathe in and I also feel it in my nose. Could this be the acid fumes and vapors?


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            I feel it in my nose sometimes as well.


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              I too experience that sensation that I have been eating mints. I seen an ENT consultant a few weeks ago and he confirmed a swollen larynx with evidence of reflux. THe worst part of all of this is the problems with breathing. I think I could nearly, at a push, put up with all the rest, if only I could breathe properly. I clear my throat 50 or more times a day approximately, maybe more ,and this is what I feel sets off the breathing probs. I also go into choking , coughing spells and it is so embarassing because I work at reception in a dental practice and have to leave the desk until the spell passes. It is the same on the phone ,as well as talking. Gerd seems many faceted and few know of the misery of it. Regards to all. Caroline