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More about burning tongue/itching....please, any input??!!

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  • More about burning tongue/itching....please, any input??!!

    Hi everyone,
    Burning tongue must be a common symptom as there are over a thousand people that have read the other thread!
    I have some burning on my tongue today. When I do get this, it doesn't really bother me much, but it feels a bit like I have a wee bit of pepper on my tongue or that I burnt my mouth a bit on hot soup or something! If I eat something scratchy like toast, it will exaggerate it.

    What happened to me recently is that with no other symptoms except flare up of acid in my throat/burning a starting a couple of weeks ago, I am getting burning, almost allergic reactions to foods that I always eat, and I wonder if it's because my mouth is hyper sensitive (throat too as I notice my throat itches sometimes from certain foods)

    Has anyone else experienced this? I love apples and I was eating applesauce/ apples several days ago, and these last few days I cannot tolerate apples! I usually drink apple juice too. But it's giving me strange prickly itching and burning lately. I can't imagine that I've suddenly become allergic to them, but it actually feels like an itchy allergic reaction, with buring too. Even a beer the other night started doing the same thing to me but not as intense and it went away.
    By the way, I never have acid taste in my mouth.
    I was supposed to have ENT do a laryngoscope yesterday, but he said there was no need, because from my symptoms he is certain that it all points to LPR flare up and recommended to just double my dose of Pantoloc for at least one month to see how I respond. He is a younger ENT, in practise for about 5 years and I think more aware of LPR and up to date.
    Any similar stories out there? My biggest fear is that I'm becoming allergic to everything around me, unless others go through similar things with LPR.

    Thanks for any input, it's appreciated!
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    I too have the same thing going on.....interesting you mention toast irritates your BMS too!!!!

    Well...I havent quite figured all mine out too.....I still am trying to find the tiggers....for a long time I thought it was food allergies...but I am starting to believe that one day something might bother me and the other day it might all depends...I also think stress can make it worse..its almost everytime aroung my PMS time my tongues burns where as before it didnt...

    I had a rebound when I got pregnant a while back...thats when I got the burning was the time I thought I coulbnt really take drugs for it so I I know differently...I would again take a I have been battleing with BMS for about 2 years...I can deal with it now....medicine has really helped me...Actually I have good days and bad days but my bad days are nothing compared to what my bad days were before....Do what the doc said take your 2 ppi's a day and give it many many 6 me it takes a long time if it is true LPR.....dont give up......get a scope of your throat to rule out any abnormal things in your throat...thats easy and done in the office.....good luck! Stacy


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      Thanks Stacy for your reply....nobody seems to reply to my posts and I begin to think that I am the only one with these weirder symptoms!

      Do you have any allergies yourself? I do, but it's always only been a few foods that I've always been allergic to. But you see, when my mouth/throat is sensitive, I'm finding now that it even triggers a burning itch that feels like I'm eating something I'm allergic too. It even triggers asthma and I get all congested. Is congestion really a symptom of LPR??
      I've also been having a great problem in the last couple of weeks with blocked ears (sort of swollen down near my larynx/eustacian tubes and lower into my chest), especially after I eat, so I think that I must be really 'raw' down there to be reacting to foods I normally eat ok. Though, it's weird, sometimes I feel the burn (which prompted me to start PPI's again) and other times I don't. Right now I don't feel anything in my throat. But I feel like it's swollen around my ears or eustacian tubes because they are really blocked up.
      Strange. And the burning tongue for me is not as bad as yours for sure. I just get slight prickly feeling on my tongue occassionally, but it's not distressing like my other symptoms. I just ate some food with stewed tomatoes in it and I feel 'swollen' in my esophagus or pressure, with a bit of asthma. This really sucks!
      I was going to have an layrngoscopy done the other day but my ENT said it wasn't even necessary from my symptom description, he said for sure it was the LPR acting up and just to double up doses for a month, then talk to him again.
      Maybe my problem is part allergies, cause I do feel really allergic these days, swollen eyes in the morning, sneezing and wheezing more. But is that a symptom of LPR on it's own?? But there are not allergens outside right now since it's dropping to zero degrees at nights and cool in the day. So, I just wonder if there might be a connection with worsened allergies just because all the respiratory tissues are swollen. Does this make sense to anyone? Since all this started, I can't even be around dust and I always think it's because I am so vulnerable in my respiratory tract now from being 'raw' in a sense.
      Know what I mean?!


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        WoW! I hope I can help you......LPR made me so so so so so RAW inside....I throat was burnt all the time especially in the morning. Ashma (sp) is a symptom of acid reflux...some people experience it and others do not. Also, you were talking about pain in your ear area....thats too is apart of LPR and is post nasal and mucous.....ALL of it is.....if I were you I would give it 6 months on your ppi to see if you get better...if you were once on them and you felt better....then you went off and felt a probably need lots of time to heal and I mean 6 months or so....write down what you eat and avoid the trigger vinager is a trigger food for me..I experience an instant LUMP in my throat....then burning comes later...

        I know what you mean about no one responds....I always have the strange symptoms.......I barely get a reply....but you have come to the right board...we are all in this together....

        My sister aches immediately after she eats in her ears and they feels congested too...I do not have that symptom but what you were describing was her to a T.......she is taking 2 ppis now and I never hear her compaim anymore so it must have dont the trick....give it a try...but please give it time and be will get better.....


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          thanks for your reply stacy!
          I have been searching through different threads, and then I'll go to respond to one and I realise it's from like a year ago! I'm trying to figure out how to read the recent posts and sift through all the info. I read Hawk's story and that seemed familiar to me too, not everything but a good portion of it.
          Weird that your sis has same disfunction....but then again, I think it runs in my family too sort of, just not severe or requiring meds like me. At what age did this hit you?
          With my anxiety feelings, sometimes I wonder if it's the drugs, and I wonder too what else PPI's have done to me, besides the docs thinking a couple of years ago that it prevented me from absorbing all nutrients - thereby making me lose lots of weight and develope anxiety, food allergies and become deficient in all vitamins/nutrients. I never had so many problems until this happened to me, so I think it's all related.
          I used to be so healthy and athletic. I can't say all this for sure is from GERD/LPR, but that is the only thing obvious that happened to me.....who knows, maybe it was just bound to happen all this weird stuff, but I'm only 35! This hit me as I was turning 31.
          I still wanted to have another child, but there is no way in my shape to do that. The last one was a struggle, no meds for almost a year....Plus all my allergies now.....I wouldn't even be able to eat the foods I did just last year with my pregnancy!
          I pray that it all gets better or at least we get clearer answers!
          What else can we do? I am proactive and research alot, but still the answer is not clear.
          Question: do you ever find that with alot of congestion and maybe being a bit hyper, sometimes you sniff alot? I sort of sniff obsessively once it starts and I have a tendency to hyperventilate....Like I get lightheaded and trembly and bit dizzy feeling.
          Anyway, it's just a hurdle in life I guess! Thanks again for your reply!


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            Just wanted to put my two cents worth in here, don't know if it's relevant. After a year of taking omeprazole on and off for a year (I used to suffer from mild stomach symptoms which went away in a few days) I worked out what was causing my tongue to intermittently itch like hell - omeprazole - the PPI I was taking. I did my own little controlled study, coming off it and then going on it again, and the effects were astonishing. Off it -itchy tongue cleared up, within eight hours of being on it again my tongue would be going mad - itching to the point where I was almost scratching it raw against my teeth. One of the listed side effects of omeprazole/prilosec is oral thrush. I'm guessing this could also make your tongue burn.I got some nystatin oral from my doc and it did indeed help. Although only coming off omeprazole really did the trick. We're all different, so this could be a fluke response in my case, but thought it was worth mentioning. I had no other problems with prilosec at all, except that it eventually stopped working.




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              Burning tongue and mouth...

              Hi everyone,
              New here and the posts are old. TP have you found any relief from your problems? I am having a lot of the same problems as you. Especialy the apple thing. I was eating at least 2-3 apples a day and totally changed my diet and lost 100 lbs and 50 of them in 3 months, due to this problem. And I have never been able to loose weight. I am st my worst mow and unable to eat. What is it? Allergies? LPR? tests are coming up negative!! I too am affraid of allergies. Somewhere I think it is all related and am thinking of going to a homeopathic Dr. Before I type more I'll see if any one gets this.