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lump in my throat won't go away

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  • lump in my throat won't go away

    Hi all,

    Just curious for those of you that suffer(ed) from the lump/tightness in long did it take for it to go away?? And, did it come back?? I am so frustrated that it hasn't let up at all. I have had it since Sept. and it has gotten worse. At first it was off and on..tight sometimes..but not always. Now it feels like something is definitely in there and it is super times hard to swallow my food. My appt. with my ENT isn't until Dec 6..should I try to get in sooner??

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    You might want to see if you can get in sooner.
    I've been on a PPI since August, both Protonix then Nexium, and I am still having all this plegm in my throat. Sometimes it feels like I'm not breathing right when my throat feels "clogged".
    Do you have pleghm accompanying your lump in the throat feeling?



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      Hi Connie Didn't you just go to an ENT a month or so ago and he already did a Laryngoscopy? If he didn't see anything serious when he did the laryngoscopy such as obstructions or anything , and your endoscopy was ok , you shouldn't worry too much.

      I had the lump in my throat for a long time ,once i started double doses of nexium it took six additional months to go away. It was the first GERD symptom i got, and the last one to go away. It has come back a couple of times breifly , when i woke up in the morning , but i soon as i sat up it went away. This reminded me i better sleep with my head elevated , the lump has been gone now for a year-- but i still sleep elevated.


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        kpasa and tricia

        Thanks for your feedback. Yes kpasa I do have phelm..especially in the morning..and it does cause me to have breathing problems..heck I've even choked on it before.. along with the fact that at times my neck is so tight it is uncomfortable to turn my head. Everytime I swallow I can feel the lump. The ENT did give me Flonase which I haven't tryed yet...I heard that it weakens your immune system so I haven't really wanted to use it. I also am taking 300mg of Guaifesen/60mg Pseudophedrine once daily..and of course 20mg of Aciphex twice daily and 75mg of Zantac 4 times a day. Tricia I was at the ENT Oct. 4 and he did the scope and said I had edema and that he was surprised how bad my throat looked considering how many meds I was taking. At that time the lump/tightness was there but not as bad as it is now. I called my GP and she switched me to Prevacid..(I was on omeprazole back in sep-oct)..since then she put me on the Aciphex since the prevacid didn't appear to be working and while I was on the Omep. my symptoms got worse(that's actually when the lump 1st appeared..shortly after i started the omep.) back to Aciphex which I was previously on most of june til sept. Confused, I am sure this is going to take awhile, but I haven't worked more than 6 days total since the month of sept. I am a flight attendant so I usually work 14-18 days a month...I am really afraid to leave for 5 day trips and/or overseas flying when I feel this bad. At least in June,jul,aug I was functional. Everyday I wake up I feel horrible..I stay in bed as long as possible because that is the only time I am not bothered by the tightness/lump..I can feel it, but it isn't half as bothersome. Thanks again for the advice. Connie


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          I too have suffered from the lump in the was my first symptom too.....Anyway mine has pretty much gone away...I still deal with a burning tongue here and there...If I eat vinegar I instantly have a in salad dressings...WOW!!!! Instantly goes away eventually....


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            That lump in my throat sensation bothered me almost more than the chronic soreness. My ENT put me on prilosec twice daily in early May and by late August the lump sensation was finally gone and has pretty much stayed gone. I also quit caffeine except for very occasionally, but haven't modified my diet much otherwise. It is hard to wait but it often takes up to 6 months to resolve. Hang in there!


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              A lil late but...the sensation takes ages to go away, took over 6 months for me and it still returns now n then (at the moment my mouth tastes like soap and my throat feels like I've been eating hairs), I found the lump/tightness etc went in stages, at first the odd day here n ther were painless, then maybe I'd go two or three days, then a week, each time the length of the painfree period got slightly longer, of course it also meant that when the pain returned it was even more fiustrating, it usually happend about 12 hours after I'd thought "ohh no pain maybe I'm over it". It can be dreadful, I don;t think people who havn't suffered quite understand how painful and debilatating it can be, as the basic disease sounds pretty trivial, it's certainly treated as a joke by my friends and family.