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tight throat and difficulty breathing in

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  • tight throat and difficulty breathing in

    does anyone have these symptoms at times? My ENT diagnosed me with LPR after asthma was ruled out and heart stuff ruled out. I've had episodes of hard to breathe in days feeling like my throat is small or something and has pressure on it. Some days a burny feeling. I can breathe out without a problem, but sometimes feel it's hard to get a good breath in.

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    That is my main symptom- the difficulty taking a deep breath. I sure feel for you!!! It is so awful, and sounds really kooky to other people. Prednisone has helped me in the past, but it has scary and bad side effects, so I don't recommend that unless absolutely necessary. I started taking Wobenzymes, a milk thistle/turmeric combo capsule, and Omega 3-6-9 fish oil this summer from the health food store because they are known as anti-inflammatories, like the prednisone, and I do think they help.

    I have no idea what triggers it for me- I have good days and bad days, no rhyme or reason. You might read my comment to Diane under General Discussions about the new treatment I am trying. Good luck to you-- definitely let me know if you find something else that works for you!!


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      I have also had exactly the same problems with the throat. Also
      - sometimes there is a feeling of tingling on the skin outside in the parts where there is tightening in the jaw.
      - if i have had a good day with no burning then when the episode reoccurs it generallly starts with a itchy feeling inside the throat and then gradually grows into the burning and lumpy feeling.
      - this is also almost always accompanied with a sore or beafy tongue especially towards the back of the tongue.

      And the anxeity that all this produces is just crazzy. I hope you feel better.


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        How often would you say you get a "throat"?
        What symptoms do you get? And does your jaw ever ache? I even felt it in my ear this week.
        Love Michelle x


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          I got mine again at the beginning of this week and have had it vary on a daily basis since. Last week was the first time I did not have it for a whole week. It was a blessing - I kept knocking on wood - unforturnately it returned. I don't get a sore jaw, but feel like my throat is a small straw trying to get air in. I could talk to you fine as if I was getting good air, but am craving good air in reality. My throat gets raw and tight. I was on aciphex and zertec (allergies), but was switched this past week to a dissolvable prevacid (5 mg less than my aciphex to get this form for upcoming surgery). I'm going to have surgery to remove a tumor from my jaw and will be wired shut for 4-6 weeks. Funny thing is that I'm more worried about how I will be with this throat thing than the surgery next week. I would just like to breath without feeling tight or air hungry. How were you guys diagnosed? I went through asthma tests, asthma drugs (no help), heart tests, anxiety stuff, many x-rays and CT scans, endoscopy, & bravo (microchip that measures acid in your throat). As a result, no asthma, no heart problems, healthy (except tumor in jaw) and still tight throat & breathing problems. In sum, a problem that has been going on for 2 1/2 years. My pulmonologist thought I might have Vocal chord dysfunction, saying I didn't have asthma. My primary doc sent me to an ENT and this guy is treating me for LPR saying that the acid will affect my vocal chords. I guess I never had an "LPR" test if there is even one, but that is what my doc thinks it is. I just want to breathe!!!!


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            Wow! This is enlightening for me to read this cause I also have the "throat" symptoms! I've been clearing my throat and coughing until mid-morning for YEARS (not a smoker); recently awoke one night choking with my throat closing up. Add the panic I felt and it was an awful experience!! The next day I had shortness of breath and a lump in my throat that lasted for weeks. When I started taking Zegerid, the symptoms pretty much went away. I also went through allergy testing (at first they thought allergic reaction); heart tests; upper endoscopy, which showed esopheagal inflammation. My GI doc diagnosed me with GERD. But I never had heartburn. Have had a strange back pain between the shoulder blades. Does this sound familiar to anyone here?? Maybe it's Laryngopharyngeal reflux, not GERD? Thanks for any ideas!! Julie


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              Juile and Mich

              The throat symptoms are like this,
              - i do not smoke
              - almost every morning i get up with a little stale raw feeling in the throat, that kind of goes away after brushing and gargling.
              - the throat symptoms that i talked about earlier and mich was asking about happen almost once a week, but thats almost coz when they happen i go into this ultra cautious mode and i dont eat anything after 7 p.m. and only eat cereal with milk that has become soggy after sitting for a while or toast dipped in warm milk. and practically nothing else along with the PPI.
              - if i do not take those reactionary measures then the throat starts to burn, and i cannot describe that feeling but its really bad and the anxeity that it brings just makes it feel worse then the toughtest physical hardships i have faced in life.
              - Mich, every time that i get the slightest symptoms my jaw is the first thing that tightens up after the soar feeling in the throat. After that it is the ear and generally only one at a time that kinda feels funky or on really bad days has a delayed pain, its not extreme eay pain but its a nagging feeling and sometimes it just shoots up.
              The thing that helps most almost as much as any medication is sitting with a completely straight back, absolutely no slouching (i have a bad habbit of that and i have to sit in front of a computer for a good 8-10 hours a day being a software engineer) and being able to get my mind of the throat.
              - The throat problems generally come after 3:30 on a work day that starts at 8. And if i go running or even walking in the evening then that helps and laughing and having a good time with friends is a huge relief. The things that make it worse are coming home really tired and sitting in front of the tv on the couch.
              And i wish everyone good luck !!!


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                Hi All

                I get the "throat" thing and it completely drives me bonkers, have been on the PPI s for abput a week and a half, and have just taken doubles up on the dose today to see if it helps!
                My throat symptoms change from day to day aswell, boy doesnt it get you down guys?
                Love Michelle x


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                  I'm going to the GI doc again this week for a follow-up appointment-my doc has the personality of a brick wall, so I will have to be very organized in my questions/proactive in the treatment-any suggestions??

                  Mich, my throat symptoms also change from day to day and I can't figure out if they're related to certain foods, etc. For the last few days I've been short of breath again, even though I'm still on the meds. I saw some friends Friday evening and tried for the first time in more than a month to have a drink-was able to sip about a third of a beer over the course of 4 hours. That night the shortness of breath started again and is still here 48 hours later. Is that really from drinking a third of a beer?? I have also noticed that stress impacts it A LOT. Walking seems to help as does a very bland diet. Does anyone have thoughts on dairy and these problems? I love milk, eggs, cheese, etc. and am not sure if I should refrain from them as well...


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                    I also dont know what to eat, or what starts it off but I know I could just eat about a packet of chocolate biscuits and really enjoy them
                    I dont eat anything like this I try really hard with the diet and I still get the symptoms
                    I ve had the burning throat today and have been on pariet for about 2 weeks. Just hope they eventually work.
                    Love Michelle


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                      I have a similar symptom where I find it difficult to get a good breath. I only get that symptom every once in awhile. I tried taking Mucinex with an expectorant in it and it can help with this symptom.


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                        This routine helped me control prevalence of LRD and undue anxieties. In a month I stopped taking preventive meds: Aciphex, Purinase and Lipitor:

                        Drink plenty of water (more than 8 glasses of water a day) as it may help neutralize stomach acid (acid that can sore the throat). This helps when symptoms appear and anxiety can be high (particularly at night),

                        An intensive exercise program coupled with a healthy diet and avoidance to alcohol and sodas. Diet means integration of high-fiber and low-fat/ low-salt meals everyday.

                        Meditation or relaxation, as stress complicates LRD.


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                          What is LRD????


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                            short of breath

                            just got that short of breath symptom over labor day weekend again. really sucks. anyway, i noticed that lots of people are having allergy troubles at work. i'm thinking like other threads have mentioned that the gerd and allergies are related.


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                              Hi all,

                              what you guys are experiencing is most likely reflux. I had the exactly same thing - buring throat, chest pains, tingling, numbness in my jaw and face, neck tightness, difficulty taking deep breath - and a lot of times feeling that I need to take a deep breath but I couldn't. It was reflux for me and I had FUNDO surgery done which fixed most of the issues. However before the surgery I was on lots of meds - mainly Nexium as it worked the best for me. but it stopped working after some time and I just couldn't deal with it anymore and deceided to opt for the surgery. I was always tired as I could not sleep - lost 65 pounds in 2 months as I didn't want to eat - simply put the worst experience ever. Now I have some problems here and there but the surgery fixed a lot of issues for me. I am not telling you to do the surgery as it is the last resort - I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone and what you are feeling is most likely acid reflux. i hope this helps.