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Mucous and dry throat

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  • Mucous and dry throat

    I know mucous in the throat is a common symptom, but why? I've been taking the nexium since last Thursday after the ENT visit. It was better for a day or two but yesterday the tightness, a bit of the burn and the feeling like I can't swallow and the dry throat is back.

    Does anyone else feel like their throat is dry? Even though at times I am clearing my throat from mucous I have times, more like hours where my throat feels incredibly dry? Could that be from reflux silently making it's way up and leaving it's mark?

    Any ideas?

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    Dry Throat? Yes I have it all the time.

    Hi Mom of 3, My name is Richie Jr and I have a Dry Throat every day most of the day, and some times it is severely dry. I have difficulty swallowing saliva, but the weird thing is I dont have any problem eating or drinking. I hope you find a solution, if i find one I will let you know. I usually suck on Ricola Lemon Drops or Ludens and Life Savers or I chew gum A lot. I Take Nexium 40mg 2 x a day and still get silent reflux, I dont feel anything come up but I have a constant Dry Throat. I am starting to wonder if the dry throat is a side effect of Nexium.


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      Could be the meds.

      The dry throat could be from the meds. My experience was that I had throat problems with Prevacid and Aciphex, but, no problems with Nexiom. Everyone is different. Ask your doctor for samples of another PPI to try.


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        You may get dry throat from acid reflux - I had it a lot before my FUNDO. Chewing gum does help a little.