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I need some serious advice

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    Don't forget

    ... you can take Gaviscon in addition to Zantac during pregnancy.


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      Try to eat more liver, meats (especially beef), eggs and milk.
      But definately try to eat liver. That is the best.


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        My initial symtpoms about a year and a half ago were mostly related to my tongue and throat. I had the exact same tongue problems as you. I also had swollen glands throughout my neck... eventually spread to under arm and groin. Went through a battery of tests to be told it was oral thrush. But, oral thrush is very rare in normally healthy people... usually only occurs in babies or immuno-compromised people, like AIDS or some other major illness. The doc gave me this stuff called Nystatin swish and swallow(is that what you took?) and amoxycillan.
        None worked.. more and more tests (EGD, CT scans, blood work, MRIs, and on and on...) only to be told that it wasn't thrush but rather GERD.
        I did the prevacid, protonix, reglan, antibiotics(again), paxil, and finally Effexor XR.
        I actually didn't develop the "feeling" of heartburn until after doing the Nystatin and antibiotics in the beginning. I would have to say that after reading 1.5 years of posting, researching both the Internet and university libraries, that there is more to the GERD diagnosis for some people, as the docs still can't explain the myriad of symptoms that I had as being typical or even atypical GERD, NERD, or LPR.
        There is one positive thing.. although it may not seem to be. Hopefully for you, your symptoms will disappear after your pregnancy.... seems a long way from now, I know.
        Unfortunately, your choices of meds at this time are very limited. So, only advice I can give you is to stay relaxed. Don't get stressed, enjoy your family, deal with the pain as best you can.
        Stress, even if you don't realize it, will horribly magnify all GERD symptoms you are feeling. Good luck and keep in mind that there are others that are or have experienced what you have. Stay strong, watch your diet, and maybe try some yogurt... great probiotic to help even out the bacterial balance in your gut. Healthy too!!
        And whenever you do get stressed with this, post here on the boards. I've noticed that it's difficult for people to really understand and empathize with what you are going through, even the doctors can think you are just overreacting.... "Oh come on, it's just heartburn" kind-of-attitude.
        We all know what you are going through and are glad to help.
        Sincerely, good luck


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          This board has been of immense use to me for information.

          I first had symptoms of LPR about two years ago. First thing I felt was
          twinges of burning in my throat. I was put on Tagamet, then Prilosec, for
          three months. Eventually the burning and severe sore throats abated, but
          what remained almost consistently for the last two years was: globus, swallowing
          difficulty, constant throat mucus, and burning tongue. This is the only place
          I have ever heard these tongue symptoms confirmed!

          Meditation was instrumental in my symptoms improving the first time around.
          I felt pretty good for the last 1 1/2 years. There's no question in my mind that
          stress and anxiety caused this problem for me, and that relieving them is the
          only thing that will truly "cure it". Indeed, I have had a relapse big time in the
          last month and it coincides with a period of severe anxiety.

          For more information on stress effects on this and other illnesses, check out

          Thanks to all who post here.



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            To Whatever

            Thank you so much for your encouragement! You reminded me that I need to just sit back and relax. This is my last pregnancy and I want so bad to enjoy it, but I have been so caught up in myself. I hold everything inside because nobody understands. This board has been so helpful to me. It's crazy the symptoms that LPR causes. I am so sorry to hear all the tests you had to go through......that is no fun! You know my ENT is crazy. Three weeks ago he gave me some antibiotic because he said my salivary gland in my mouth was caused by a bacterial infection. Then he said I had thrush and perscribed me Nystatin. (you were right!) Then some other crap...I didnt take it! Well I was fed up with him treating me and not having a clue what my problem was. I asked him if all this was caused from my LPR and pregnancy? He said OH NO.....Well I just saw him yesterday and he said that it was all related to pregnancy and gerd. He either did his research so he wanted to get rid of me. It is helpful to know that there are others that have the same unusual symptoms. My tongue is still swollen but my burning sensation is slowly going away. I have been on zantac for about 2 weeks. I hope it is helping. Thank you so much! Stacy


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              I hope all is going well for you with your pregnancy. I am also pregnant(2 months) i suffer from gerds, it started last year very sudden. I have a four year old, whom i breastfeed, are you planing on breastfeeding? If so, do you know of any meds that are safe to take whilst nursing? At the moment i am taking Ranitidine but i dont think it is safe to take when nursing.


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                Yes, I plan on breastfeeding my baby. I am going to continue to take Zantac for about 5 months to see how my reflux goes. Zantac does not work as well as Aciphex for me. I will nurse baby for as long as I can handle my reflux. I hate stopping because of me but I hate this reflux stuff. Congrats on your pregnancy and good luck to you! Stacy


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                  Hi Stacybrevin.
                  I am trying desperately to find some relief for my
                  Gerds if possible, so i shall be able to breastfeed safely. Does Zantac pass through into breast milk?
                  I would dearly love to nurse my new baby but i'm
                  afraid it might not happen. I know i will have to take something, anything that can help control my
                  simptoms to allow me to nurse without strong meds.
                  I shall keep on looking! Take care Stacy.



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                    Yes Deb I was perscribed Zantac while i was nursing my second baby. I know at my hospital where I had my baby they were MUCH help. They have medical books that tell you what is safe or not safe. Dont fret about it. Yes, Zantac passes though to the breastmilk but a very small amount. They also perscribe Zantac to babies who have reflux. They perscribed my baby Zantac for his reflux. Keep me posted! Stacy


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                      Hi Stacybrevin

                      Thanks for the advise. I guess i have been a little anxious over this matter, it's just that i had such a wonderful experience the first time around. I'm so glad i found this site, i feel like i'm in such good company!
                      Take care, Deb.


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                        To milan

                        How do you like Paxil? I'm on day 10.