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A question for you all about chest tightness

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  • A question for you all about chest tightness

    I'm confused by constant chest tightness and thought I'd throw it out here for discussion. First off, it's not heart - tested every which way and Sunday - all's fine. (yay for the good news!) The tightness is right betwen my breasts and feels like a muscular skeletal thing, but there's no pain when I push there. Someone mentioned spasms - hence I have a manometry test scheduled for Wed. But if it was spasms, wouldn't they come and go? And if it was reflux, wouldn't it last for a few hours and leave? When the tightness strikes it lasts days - like 2 or 3, round the clock. No wheezing with it. I have an appt with the food allergist on friday - not sure it its that, but guess it's another puzzle piece.

    Anyhow, what I'd like to know for you guys is -when you get chest tightness, does your's last, or does it come and go quickly?


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    me too

    I think I am having the same thing that you are. I am getting NO answers from the Dr. I had an EKG, Chest X-ray and stress test, all OK. I had this before then it went away for a few months and now it is back. It is across my upper chest and feels like a tightness or fullness and sometimes like I am short of breath. I have a new Dr (because of insurance making me switch clinics) which I have seen once. He said he thinks it is due to my hiatial hernia. I also have GERD. The one thing I DO KNOW is that I HATE this feeling and I think it's getting worse and I have it more then I don't. I can't get anything done and I have been worrying about it and thinking about going to the ER to get some answers.


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      Hi Bonnie,

      Yes, exactly - its like someone tied a strap around my chest. My lungs are clear - I can take a full breath, but its like lifting an elephant up and down each time. It all started with that symptom. Then all this stinging, burning, excruciating pain started - like my throat was on fire! so i've been on ppi's and i don't think they are helping much. off em now anyhow because i have a 24 hr ph study this week. i had the manometry a few days ago and no results yet. my doc thinks it could be spasms. personally i don't get how the stinging could be spasms (tightness yes, but the stinging seems like acid fire in there) but he says spasms could be causing the burning. all a very painful mystery to me. maybe the gerd acid causes the esophagus to spasm? but sometimes i have tightness without burning. do you have any hot coal pain in your esophagus ever? are you on any meds? my doc just prescribed elavil in case its spasms.



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        My wife has exact same problrm

        I'm kinda worry now coz like any other fellow in this forum we have not found any solution .
        her doctor believes it's an allergy so gave her antihistamine and the other doc says it's a heart burning and handed her a box of Nexium ,we don't know which one would work ,now she's taken one of each.
        symptoms and signs are: feels like gas is being produced in her upper chest and lower throat ,tightness ,heavy breathing, ( scares us ).

        it's not flu, neither sore throat coz it's been three weeks or so and I don't get any of symptoms from her.

        I don't see any updates , the last I'm seeing here is 2006, so please if anyone after that period of time has gotten any solution give us a hint.

        highly appreciated.


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          It may very well be costochondritis, which is an inflammation of the junctions where the upper ribs join with the cartilage that holds them to the breastbone or sternum. The condition causes localized chest pain that you can reproduce by pushing on the cartilage in the front of your ribcage. Costochondritis is a relatively harmless condition and usually goes away without treatment. The cause is usually unknown.

          I get this and and off since 2006. Since my father passed away @ 77 four months after a heart attack, I had been fearful whenever I got the chest pain, it was a heart attack. I have cardio exams since late 2005 (a year later is when the pain became more frequent), including a nuclear stress test almost a year ago. A nuc stress test is considered the best way to examine the heart. This test and all the others were negative. In fact when the cardiologist looked at the nuc test, he said my heart is the healthiest he has seen in 2 years .

          Here are some links on it