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I have LPR...Is Apple Juice ok to drink?

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  • I have LPR...Is Apple Juice ok to drink?

    Does Apple Juice cause acid reflux? I need a substitute for OJ in the morning.
    I have silent reflux, so I can never tell.


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    Yes, thats all I drink now, apple juice and bottled water. But I still buy the Allens low acid version. You can eat apples also but not the more sour kinds.
    Gotta stay away from citrus juices, juices made from berries, etc.

    I changed my diet drastically, may or may not work, looks like its going to be a long road to travel as my symptoms have not calmed down at all, its been like 4 months now.


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      Thanks. It has been about 4 months for me as well. Are you on Nexium 40 MG 2x a day? I have had some improvement, but not much. I heard it can take months to heal. I can't get an idea about whether this is ever going to go away. Some people insist it will. Others say it never goes away.



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        I'm on the equivalent of 40mg protinex a day. Not one doc said anything about acid reflux problem. Try to get a referral for another ent tomorrow.
        It better not be incurable symptoms. This difficulty breathing from throat irritations is crippling me.

        Did your doctor diagnose you with LPR or you just guessing. If so, what tests did he give you.



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          I have been diagnosed with LPR by a doctor. My major symptom is difficulty swallowing. Not sure if there are other things I can do to solve the problem.