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How long do PPI's take to work

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  • How long do PPI's take to work

    I started getting LRD symptoms about 2 months ago. Started with the lump in the throat and then the burning and acidy taste in the mouth. My GP got me on Pariet which I took for about 5 weeks and then switched me to Nexium 40 mg once a day about a week ago. I've had no real improvement and was wondering whether I should keep going. Are PPI's meant to provide quick results or do they need time to start working.
    Nice to read that I'm not alone with this thing.

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    In this web site on LPRD, it indicates that the normal treatment is double dose of PPI for 6 months or more to see relief. Of course every case is different.



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      Some of the people who post on this site work for the drug companies...
      LPR symtoms can sometimes take time to resolve, and may involve more factors than just exposure to stomach acid; one dose of nexium a day will probably work, you just have to give it time; more and more ENTs are taking a conservative approach with drug therapy, as ppis drastically effect absorption/digestion. Good luck, and be patient...


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        Your Quote...."Some of the people who post on this site work for the drug companies..."

        I've been on this site for 5 years and I have never seen any indication of this.
        Where did you get your infomation from???


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          pushin the ppi's...


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            Hey Timbrado,

            I agree with LSAT. I haven't seen any evidence of drug company reps on this site. Frankly, I don't think there are enough users here to make it worth their time stalking us. And while I agree that not enough is known about PPIs long-term, their short term safety record is pretty good, and from what I've learned by hanging out here and at the other board, is that most people will stop taking them if there are side effects. And then, for people like myself who don't get noticeable PPI side effects, I've personally think that the benefits outweigh the risk and the relief definitely outweighs the severity of the symptoms. I was literally at death's door before starting the Nexium, which worked great. I stopped it Cold Turkey for my pH study 2 months ago, and have managed to stay off of it until now. It seems that I get hit with one major attack every year that can last for months, so I'm guessing I'll be back on it soon enough, but I'm managing without for now. But Timbrado, I'm 99% sure I wouldn't be here talking to you now if my doctor hadn't prescribed the double dose of Nexium when I was at my worst. The LPR had an enourmous undescribable impact on the quality of my life that is almost impossible to communicate without sounding like a nut.


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              Originally posted by Timbrado View Post
              Some of the people who post on this site work for the drug companies....
              Then I guess one could also say that some of the people who post on this site work for chiropractors, nutritionists, holistic naturopaths and health food stores....


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                i didn't mean that to be taken literally; dosage is very individual, and it's best to start low and work up if necessary...Nexium hasn't done much for me...aswander, with life threatening symptoms why didn't you (perhaps you did) opt for fundo?


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                  Hi msacswander,

                  I was interested in your comment that you get hit with one major attack that can last months. Have you any idea what sets it off? What do you do when it hits? In terms of seeing improvement is it normally gradual or do you simply wake up one day and its gone?
                  Sorry to be asking dumb questions but i'm really struggling with this and if I knew that it was normal for it to take this long (2 months) and still have no real signs of improvement then I might be better equipped to keep hanging in there with my single dose Nexium. Should I be maybe taking some beta blockers at night? or what about normal antacids?



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                    Timbrado, my symptoms completely destroyed my quality of life at the time, but I didn't even consider a fundo because I didn't know what one was, as I hadn't been diangosed. On multiple occasions, I was diagnosed with "a little bit of reflux" by ENTs who had scoped my throat, but noone had ever used the term LPR of laryngopharyngeal reflux. Noone had ever mentioned GERD either. One ENT gave me Nexium 1x per day, which didn't work at all for the 3 months I tooks it. Although I heard the term "a little bit of reflux", noone sat down and told me about acid reflux disease. I searched and searched online, but I couldn't find anything at the time that linked "severe and unrelenting cough" to "a little bit of reflux". The day I learned 1)what LPR is, 2)that I had LPR and 3)was given 2 nexiums at the same time, that is the day that the symptoms became manageable. It was that doctor who also told me about fundos, and that they weren't considered a reliable treatment for LPR. I have since seen many doctors about fundos, and none of them were keen on the idea of a fundo for me.


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                      msacswander...I think LPR is all new territory for most PCPs; our symptoms are so varied; i didn't have a severe cough, but laryngeospasms which can be terrifying; also, tickles, soreness, drymouth, tongue burning, shortness of breath, feeling that throat is obstructd or going to close...oy... i've been through all the tests and the only thing that turns up is a small hiatal hernia; and ENT diagnosed me also with slight lpr, but the symptoms definately do ruin quality of life, and people (including doctors) see us as hysterics ...i am thinking about getting the hiatal hernia surgically repaired but i don't know and haven't been to see a surgeon yet, though my Gi said she would refer me; i was on 2 nexiums a day, but got a terrible rash, and sometimes a's all such a balancing act!


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                        Did you take 2 nexiums together as 1 dose or 2 pills a day 1 morning and 1 evening?



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                          I've tried taking the 2 pills both ways, and taking them together won out everytime over splitting them up. The difference was enormous. So I take them together, first thing in the morning. But different strokes for different folks - you only know what works for you best by experimenting.