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  • LPR and Vitamin D levels...

    I had sudden LPR symtoms since July 2009. I had a fundo and came out 10x worse. My guess for it getting worse was that pulling down the hernia may have caused a larger opening for the gas/vapor of pepsin to escape past the UES/LES. Then I did more research and read that protein causes pepsin to be released in the stomach. Which is a good thing. But when the LES/UES aren't working it becomes a problem. So in April 2011 I asked the web how long does it take to digest meat? It came back 2-3 days. I asked the web how long does it take to digest fish? It came back 45 minutes. I asked the web how long to digest vegetables and fruit? It came back 45 minutes. So I concluded that cutting meat out might be worth the try. Eating fish would cut out alot of pepsin pouring out into my stomach. I improved tremendously by cutting out meat, chicken, pork, nitrates, citrates and all the other usual things. Also on a hunch, in July of 2011 I had my Vit D levels checked. Did alot of reasearch that indicated that low levels of Vit D levels effects a great deal of the modern population as we are indoors alot. Body systems just don't work well withou adequate levels. (Vit D is not a vitamin it is a hormone made by the sun in our bodies. But many of us don't make enough because we just aren't outside alot. This goes for all ages, babies, young children, young adults.) My score on Vit D came back 25. I have always avoided the sun as I am fair. My Dr told me to start taking 2,000 IU for life and will test my Vit D levels in Jan 2012 to see where they are at. I dug further into research and read that a better dose from some Drs perspective is 35 IU x the body weight. I increased my dose to according to this formula. I've been avoiding meat and now for 2 weeks taking more Vit D and I'm improving tremendously my LPR. When I read that Vit D levels effect muscles of the body (and the funciton of all systems of the body) I wondered if adequate levels of Vit D could improve spinchter (LES/UES) tone. I'm doing better every day since I increased my Vit D and cut meat out (seafood is what I eat for my meat portion). I'm happy with my LPR improvement. I'm excited about life now. I'm applying for a new job and I feel good. I am off all medications! Even high blood pressure medicines! I only have a vague feeling of LPR but I don't have the searing pain anymore. I continue to only eat seafood for my "meat" portion of the meal and I'm doing well. It would be wonderful if LPR fades away with Vit D being added over time. I'd be interested in hearing from everyone if you do ask your Dr for a Vit D level check and what your outcomes are and if over time, if you do take more Vit D do you get better from LPR? Its worth getting a lab test done to see what your Vit D levels are. Let me know. Just a hunch I have.

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    I am new member of this forum and i think I might have LPR. I have a silent GERD (endoscopy shown esofagite) but throat problems more bother me. phlegm the throat, chronic throat irritation, constant sensation of something in the throat..
    I would like to check my Vitamin D levels. I found a laboratory which can perform the tests below. Which one is better to test? They are quite expensive... Or do I need both?
    1) 1,25-(OH)2-Vitamin D3
    2) 25-OH-vitamin D


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      Vit d

      Thanks Elena for bringing this up, I did vitamin D test in Jan 2011 and was worse than u, it was 10, although I'm living in a sunny country, I suffered from deficiency of it, because may be I try to avoid sun rays in my life.
      My story in short started in 1998 when I went to ER for abdomen pain and did surgery for appendix removal, but during the operation they discovered that the pain was from CD (Crohn Disease inflation) ! Not from appendix, and they removed the infected part, I lived 13 years without medication and free of Crohn symptoms except very mild diarrhea , in addition to tonsillitis problems.
      In Dec 2010, I got flare up and did colonoscopy and found again inflation close to my operation area, all other test was fine except vitamin D.
      I’m really always thinking who cause what? I mean is deficiency of vitamins cause gut problems or the opposite, crohn made absorption problems of nutrients? Is there any relation between tonsillitis and digestion system? (Because I heard that tonsillitis makes problems to bones and joints).
      The typical CD symptoms last for 1 month and get better using neutral diet and alternative med Such as Manuka honey and fish oils, but I faced another problems which are GERD likes symptoms which till now I’m suffering from as following:
      - Chest pain and heartburn - from time to time (when I drink water I feel it passing through esophagus ).
      - Air hunger and mild breathlessness - from time to time.
      - Feel sometimes dizzy and can’t concentrate (I think this related to vitamins deficiency).
      - When I talk too much in formal way I feel uncomfortable and tightness in my chest which embarrass me with others.
      - I feel always better when I release gas (belching )
      - I noticed better when eating food that might generate less gas.
      - Uncomfortable when curving the area between chest and abdomen.
      - Of course job pressure makes me worse.
      Going back to vit d3, I’m trying to expose myself to sun and take vit d doses, also I started taking daily portion of vegetable and fruit and some vit d rich food such as eggs, I know this take longer than med but hope produce better result with less site effect and will do another check propbley next month to see the result. Now I feel better and the above symptoms lowered especially the chest pain and breathlessness.
      I appreciate any advices related vit d, and I’m wondering if eggs take long time to digest or not?

      I found Interseting blog for vit d3 [url][/url]
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        Dear Optimistic: Yes, your levels of Vit D are very low. Some of the articles I've read of people with those kinds of low levels were put on 10,000 IU for 6 weeks and then checked and either it was lowered or kept that way for a few more weeks until levels came up. There is a growing body of research that indicates that Vit D levels may be set too low. I read where one ER Dr took 10,000 IU a day because he wanted to keep his lungs healthy and his immune system at optium levels as he was exposed to so many viral/bacteria agents. You have to check with your Dr and do your own research and make your own decisions. Is Vit D an answer for all of us with LPR? No one can say. I found no specific research on LPR and Vit D. But its worth getting checked, talk with your Dr and do your research on the web around Vit D and how low levels effect the body. Read reputable sources. Vit D effects muscle tone and if your overweight you need more, if your older (over 50 yrs old) you don't make it as well from the sun. And if your inside a great deal of the time like, our modern society is, you don't make enough. Look up how many IU of D is made by the body when its in the sun. Its alot. More than what we get in our diet and our vitamins. Vit D (is really a hormone but they call it a vitamin) is not a magic pill but research is finding that without adequate levels your body, your body just doesn't work right. Since I suspect that the UES/LES are muscles could lack of enough Vitamin D effect muscle tone...could there be a connection? I requested a magnisum level test yesterday and will go in for it soon. Let us know how your are doing as time goes on.


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          PS. Optimistic: Eggs have some Vit D. Off the top of my head don't know how long eggs take to digest. Try eating more fish, like salmon. It has very decent levels of Vit D. Eggs are toward the lower end on amount of Vit D in it. Here is a web link:



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            Dear Elena,
            Could you please advise me, which one of the tests for vit D would be better to do? I wrote in my previous message in this thread. Sinnce many months I feel very bad because this GERD/ LPR I am suffering. Doctors don't tell me nothing about LPR, I just made this conclusion reading all these threads. I am quite scared in this moment since I see that there is no sollution to cure it, or at least understand which is the reasons it develops in some people. I just know that I had in the last 2 years very much stress which might have triggered the disease.
            thank you


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              Mihaieris: I saw your post on the related blog and answered. My test was called 25-Hydroxy. It is the Vit D test. Please do not take vitamin D until you have lab work done and talk to your Dr. See what your Dr tells you about your levels. I did alot of my own research after I talked to my Dr and found new and emerging research that indicates that we may not be getting enough Vit D because our modern society is indoors most of the day. Also, as you age the body doesn't make Vit D as well and if your heavy you made need more Vit D. Do your own reading and research reputable articles after talking to your Dr. Don't take anything until you really understand your lab levels, talk to your Dr and do extensive research.
              My heart goes out to anyone who has this horrible painful illness called LPR. Unless someone has it they can't possible understand how excruciatingly painful it is. I understand how desperate you are. Don drink alcohol, don't eat chocolate, don't have the ususal foods like tomatoe sauce, garlic, spicy food. Make your diet as alkaline as possible. Try to get off meat of any kind right away. Eat only seafood for your meat portion. Drink spring water. It has a ph of 8. I had it tested. Don't eat anything with nitrates, citrates, and even some seeds can bother you. I burned on strawberries and poppy seeds. Don't know why. I just did. Try to stabalize your pain.
              Getting off red meat, chicken, pork, bacon, sausage and lunch meat helped me alot. And stumbling onto to Vit D has really taken away the pain. I'm eating so many more things now and hardly any feeling of LPR after two years of horrific pain in my throat. I don't know why the Vit D and no meat are working for me. I've experimented with alot with over the counter stuff, PPIs, carafate, Gaviscon, antacids, and natural things and nothing worked for me. Not even a fundoplication surgery. I burned 10x worse after I had it done. I could not get out of bed for 4 months after surgery. Between the pain, the loss of weight I became depressed because I could not escapte the pain. It was a night mare and I thought I would wither away and die from not being able to eat and losing 2 lbs a day. It was real scary. My Drs looked at me blank. Some got irritated at me. Some just told me I have to learn to live with the pain. And they still tell me they don't know what I have. They tell me that LPR is "real controversal diagnois". They aren't sure it exists! If they had it they would be convinced it exists. I thought I was losing my mind between the pain and a clincal presentation that showed I was burnt to a crisp and Drs then saying "you don't have LPR". I would say, "Well if its not LPR then what is it?!" They just replied with a shrug, "We don't know. But you have to learn to live with it." Well, I don't accept that. I had to piece together what worked for me. It may not be an anwser for you but it will at least give you a place to start. Read, read, read as much as you can. Do your lab work first. Let us know what your lab work showed and what you deceided to do based on your research. I know its real scary having LPR. I don't think Drs appreciate the horrific pain and the terror their patients are in. And we aren't even offered pain medications. The fear grows every month more and more. As we realize that Drs have no answers. And some of them are so cold. They have no compassion for a patient in pain. And sometimes your Drs and family think its in your mind but how can they know how horrible the pain of LPR is? They've never heard of it before. A cancer patient at least receives sympathy. In two years I got no sympathy except from my beloved sister and this blog. That's all I had to cling to with this nightmare of LPR. There were months and months as I laid in bed writhing in pain that I thought if I didn't wake up it would be ok as I couldn't take the pain anymore. My sister would tell me, "don't despair, you will figure out this problem. Don't give up." So I leave you with those words Mihaieris, "don't give up", get serious about changing your diet to stabalize you pain level. Read. Get lab tests done. And please let us know how you are doing. We all are hoping you will hang in there and never give up experimenting what will help you personally. We will all try to help you and give you courage. Get well soon Mihaieris. (PS click on my name to read my past posts which may be helpful if you decide to experiment with some of the things that worked for me. Look at other peoples posts and take notes of things that you could try.)


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                Mihaieris: I forgot to mention, it might help a little as you try to control your pain, gargle with some baking soda. I never swallowed it as I don't think it is something I want to ingest. Although many people do ingest baking soda for acid reflux. I personally don't want to. But I used baking soda gargle often (throughout the day) to neutralize the vapor/gas of LPR on the throat. It gives a little relief, as you begin to change your diet and experiment with what works for you. And I ordered baking soda gum and would chew on it when the LPR pain got to much for me. It helped me get past some bad moments when I was out at a seminar or shopping and I started to burn real bad. Also eat an apple. That helps in the moment of searing/burning that you can not bear.


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                  Dear Elena,

                  Thank you very much for your time to answer me. It is good to know that there are people who can understand my problem. It is true that the people around me, although being always near and supporting me, they simply cannot understand this suffering because it is so different. They give me examples that others have other diseases, more serious, I should be patient that it will go away in time. But time passes and nothing happens. I always say to them, I would have preferred to have other disease and be able to live with it and still enjoy life. But if you have constant stress every day because of it, life is difficult to live. And I would happily live with this even for a long period of time, if I would know that there is at least a working treatment. This the most scaring part for me, that there is no clear working treatment demonstrated. I only hope that the medicine will make progress and with the power of internet communication, the solution should reach us as soon as possible.
                  I am thinking to post my story in this forum in a separate thread, where I can post details from past and future experience and be able to share experience with other users.
                  Mihai (32 years old, from Romania).


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                    You are so welcome Mihaieris. You are up in the middle of the night it looks like and probably in pain and can't sleep. I'm so sorry. Keep us updated how your are and what you are doing. I'm headed to bed as its 12:30 am here in the western US. I hope you will find what works for you.


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                      I can feel your pains and we need to train our self to manage our life to live with it until get rid of it and hope that very soon...and as you know fears and worries make any illness much worse...
                      Try to do exercise as you can, be relax always by doing well breathing practice and be away from anger situations...digestion system always affected by brain and food so watch them well.

                      Mihia: my vit d test was 25-OH - cholecalciferol) and don't know the difference between the 2 test.
                      I forget to mentioned that i did BMD (bone densitometry) test in march 2011 to see if there is any effect of vit d deficiency and was fine (T score 0.9 and Z score 1.3), thanks god.
                      I did MG (Magnesium) in Jun 2011 and was fine as well
                      I’m 35 years old living in Saudi Arabia


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                        Hi Optimistic,
                        That analysys I was going to do as well (25..). It is a little strange the fact that I have the total calcium 10.33 (limit is 10.2 or in others 10.5), and the Calcium fixation is related with the Vit D3. If I have to much Calcium, I could expect that the vit D level is good for me.


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                          Dear all,

                          I have my result in vit D. and is closed to the lower limit.
                          My result is 29.1 ng/mL.
                          Sufficient would be between 30-100 ng/mL
                          Under 30 ng is insuffieciency. I have 29.1....
                          Under 10 ng is really a carrence, which is not the case.
                          I asssume I should be in the middle of the scale with around 50-60 ng.mL.

                          Nevertheless I go to the doctor and ask about the need for supplement.

                          PS- My LPR is still there.


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                            Hello Mihaicris and Optismistic: Thank you for taking the time to write. Mihaicris, I'm so sorry that what I have tried is not working for you. What is your diet like? How long have you been on Vit D? How much Vit D are you taking? I wish there was a cure all for LPR. Each person has to find what works for them as there is no answer in the medical community. It's a very devasting anatomical problem. I believe I have atypical LPR but maybe its not LPR as my most recent Drs state. My last Dr, who is a regional GI, said that my problem was vagel nerve problem. It may be vagel nerve in combination with the UES (upper esophgeal spincher) not working correctly. So I think it is a combination of problems.

                            Just to update you on my actual clincal presentation that I had on Oct 4th this week. I saw the ENT for a visual on my throat condition. The first half of the exam he viewed my throat and said it was still red. I was devasted. I have worked so hard to get better. He examined my gums, under my tongue etc to make sure there were no acid burns coming up that far. There were not any. The ENT said that my throat still looks red. I was pretty sad. I asked him what was the percentage improvement since last April 2011 clincal exam and he said it only improved 10% my upper throat.

                            Then the ENT scoped through my nose and went down to look at my lower tongue in the back and my vocal cords. As he went down he exclaimed, "It looks good! If I didn't know your history I wouldn't think there was anything remarkable to comment about. You look great down in the lower part of the throat!" My ENT Dr looked surprised. It was the area that he had done a biopsy of last Feb 2011, as it looked so angry and burnt. So my news is 50% not so good and 50% good. It does show that something that I'm doing is helping after two torturous years were no Dr or surgery or medicine could help me. To repeat what I have done: I only eat seafood, vegetables and fruit. No meat of any kind. No Nitrates or citrates. No coffee, spicy anything, no chocolate, no alcohol and the usual stuff. I take Vit D, Omega 3 and gargle with baking soda water and chew baking soda gum and sleep slightly upright. I'm so grateful not to be on PPIs. For me personally, PPIs were unacceptable. They didn't help and have a devasting effect on the digestive tract and overall health for me. I'm feeling better which is important. I do have a little bit of rough throat sometimes and little earache but other than that I've come along way from laying in bed in horrific pain for months on end.

                            My Vit D follow-up test came back today and I went from a score of 25 to 44. So that is good. I only hope that I can continue to improve with time.

                            I'm encouraged by the improvement but at the same time very aware that my improvement is tenative. I feel like I have a life now and look forward to a new job that was just confirmed today. Please keep us updated. I will continue my research and share whatever works for me. Don't give up! I know others on this blog will have things to share that could be helpful.


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                              Dear Elena,

                              Did you make some test for Calcium / Phosfor ?
                              Having low vit D should normally conduct to low Calcium Level, but for me is different. I have High Calcium and Vit D close to lower limit.
                              It is very strange this, i wonder how is your your figure for Calcium.