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How long did your Acid Rebound last??

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  • How long did your Acid Rebound last??

    I talked to my Gastro Dr. today on the phone, explaining that I believe the Protonix I was on was causing me more problems than my usual LPR symptoms of lump in throat, ear pressure and slight throat pain. While on the medicine for 11 days I started to have heartburn that I have never felt before in my life, also left arm tingling and whole face tingling. This scared me of course and I was told to stop the medication. I took it for 11 days total, first 5 at once a day and last 6 at 2x a day. Since stopping, the left arm tingling and face tingling has been non stop and the heartburn has been severe. Unbelievable pain. All this from a lump in my throat and ear pressure. I've never had heartburn ever, even while I was pregnant 5 months ago. This has been going on for 6 days. I am having a endoscopy tomorrow and when I was telling my Dr. that I thought I was having "Acid Rebound" he said that it only lasts about 3 days. I almost laughed out loud at him on the phone. I'm going to assume that it takes more than 3 days. I was on Protonix last year for 8 days (1x a day) and stopped and had no ill effects from it. I did not get lucky this time around. Anyone want to tell me their rebound stories so I have some perspective? I just want to know that I am not suffering alone. Thank you.

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    I have only been on meds for about 6 weeks, and have stopped a few days ago, and now have been having trouble speaking with lots of ear and throat pain.
    At this point i dont even want to eat as i am in so much distress.
    The holidays are here and i cant even attempt to eat anything as when i do it causes more problems with coughing etc.
    My gastro dr says to go on a foddiet but when i look at the things to eat most of them give me problems...
    So yes i am having the same problems.