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    REally frustrated, can anybody point out any dietician or diet plan for LPR.....we are going crazy with managing her diet.

    Thanks, Mita

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    Mita I went crazy and out of my mind trying to figure out what to eat. LPR is the relaxation of the sphincters allowing the acid vapor to escape and hit the tender single layer throat tissues. That is my personal opinion based on my research.

    It is an extremely scary illnesses.

    I literally seared to death on simple water. I bought spring water from the grocery store and did the best I could to push down spring water, eat little lettuce, little chicken, little fish. I still burned on everything no matter what and how I ate. I did not put any seasoning on my food. It was bland. Maybe just a bit of simple dried Italian seasoning.

    I ate to stay alive lettuce, simple chicken, simple white fish. But I still seared to death. I had to force it down as the burn ulcers on my throat was like the serverest form of strep throat one could get.

    In my opinion there is no "diet". There are some books out there that recommend a "diet" but honestly there is none that I ever came across that worked. I'm so sorry to say. LPR from my experience is acid vapor hitting the tender single throat layer and hitting the nerves just behind the single layer throat tissue.

    My opinion based on all the things the teams of doctors tried on me is nothing works....nothing.

    The only thing that worked was getting my D lab score hovering at 70 to 80 and getting in the sunshine (without burning! I did not use any sunscreen but got out of the sun before my skin turned pink; I sunned at the high sun hour. What latitude on the planet do you live at?) and it took me two years for LPR to slowly and steadily disappear. I still had risidual burning and chewed a lot of gum and took large doses of probiotics.

    I gargled with baking soda water to sooth my seared ulcerated throat. I barely kept myself alive. And my doctors could do nothing for me.

    In my very non medical non scientific opinion LPR is a huge warning sign that people with LPR body is telling them that it is not getting the most important hormone we need...Vitamin D.

    I took D3 based on weight: 1,000 IU of D3 for every 25 lbs. of weight. But that is a maintenance dose. If I had to do it again I would have taken 2,000 IU above my weight dose and would have checked in a month if I was up to a D score of at least 70. I use epsom salt baths to get my magnesium (an important co-factor of D) at least twice a week. I do not take calcium pills. Use yogurt for calcium. Use natural foods that are easier on the body. I did not exercise with LPR because the sphincters are weak and I did not feel that that the strain of exercise on the sphincters, that were already weak, was helpful to my serious condition.

    I live at the 38th latitude on the planet. If I had to do it again I may have gone to live for 3 months at a lower latitude to get well. But getting well from LPR with D3 and sunshine takes time and steady careful monitoring of the D score and sunshine every day.

    I'm sorry there is not more I can contribute on the diet end because LPR is the constant flow of acid vapor hitting the tender single layer throat tissue. That is why I took a chance a had the nissan fundoplication surgery. But for me it didn't not work. It works for some LPR patients but for me nothing worked but sunshine on the skin and D3.