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  • i have LPR

    I have this problem and it totally sucks. My only triggers are caffeine and alcohol. Caffeine sets it off and alcohol is a minor irritant. Any tips for the caffeine trigger???
    I am a person who enjoys a cup or two of coffee in the morning. A small dose of xanax does help but this is no cure. I get a mild sore throat everyday. I also have insomnia, tons of upper body tension (especially where my bowels are), zero appetite, depression, constipation, and a nasty all day headache if i don't consume caffeine. I have tried to go without caffeine for over 6 months and i got a headache all day because of it so i continue to drink coffee in the morning. All my symptoms started at the same time and i believe are stress related. Anyone?? It is the small things in life that make people happy is it not? Prilosec helped relieve the acid in my bowels but not in my throat. Should i ask to take more? My primary is prescribing carafate today to see if it is something i can use regularly. thanks again

    By the way, if anyone knows how to counteract the constipation from Vitamin D3 please let me know. I have tried the D3 route and noticed it did help but caused constipation. Do i need to use Vitamin K? I dont think this is a cure all but if it helps i am willing to try.