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Is anyone here taking a Probiotic along with a PPI?

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  • Is anyone here taking a Probiotic along with a PPI?

    When do you take your PPI during the day and when do you take your Probiotic? Can you take them at the same time or should you space them apart? Thanks!

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    I drink a DanActive every day or so. It is a Probiotic drink. Has never been a problem with my PPIs. (Probiotics are in yogurt, also.) The DanActive Vanilla has CITRIC ACID in it, which is a big problem for me, so I drink the strawberry flavor.



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      Hi Randy, thanks for taking the time to reply. My probiotic is a pill. Currently my doc told me to drop my PPI (Nexium) because we thought I was having side effects from it (i.e., days of alternating constipation and diaherra, belching, lots of gas, insides constantly gurgling) so, he told me to take the prescription strength Zantac twice a day. Started taking Zantac but my other symptoms never went away, so it is not the Nexium, alas, the doc said it sounds like irritable bowel syndrome. So, I started a probiotic and so far I am seeing some improvements. But, once my stomach (and bowels!) are straightened out, I guess I should go back on Nexium since I do have Barretts and Nexium was not what was causing bowels to go into an uproar. I don't have any signs of acid reflux though being off of Nexium and on Zantac, but I guess I must of been refluxing for years and just now knowing it, I heard it takes years for Barretts to develop. I am just going to keep working at it until I get my body straightened out! Hey, I remember you are a lover of Cream of Wheat, me too. Well, when these IBS symptoms kicked in I tried Cream of Rice and thought it was the best thing since sliced bread! It must be an acquired taste though - my husband took one taste of it and said "wallpaper paste" and walked away! There is nothing like something bland and filling to make the tummy settle itself down. Also, wanted to say "Congratulations on your Stretta!" - Like I said we just have to keep working on getting ourself straightened out! - Joanne


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        Thanks for the note. BTW - the cream of wheat can be flavored with sugar, apple juice, whatever you like so long as it doesn't make you worse off. (Used to have CoCo Wheats as a kid, which is the same thing with cocoa - guess thats out.) My regular breakfast food is oatmeal. I used to mix dried fruit with it (raisons and cherries) but for some time now my GERD (should it be GRRRRD ) has prevented that. So I guess I'm a guy that can go for a long time on boring food.



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          to Randy

          Hi Randy,
          I've been having honey nut oatmeal, without the milk , and it's really good. Do you think the honey nut would contribute to the gerd? I haven't got it under controll yet & I'm so,ooo miserable!!! My doc gave me some samples to take for a week & then he's doing another bravo study. Nexium HASN"T done one thing for me so I'll try protonix for a while. I got a booklet from the National HB Alliance & it had do's & don'ts foods. Have you read it & is it pretty accurate? I'm by my tv & it keeps playing pizza comercials. CRAP!
          So even if the meds regulate the HB, do most people have to stay pretty strict on what they eat? I'm drinking ROBIOS tea right now & it's supposed to ease stom. discomfort but it's doing nothing. DRADIT! Oh well at least it seems like I'm having real tea. It's kinda good. (sorta)

          I hope you don't mind 20 questions!?! LOL, Shannon