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Nexium - Dry Eyes

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  • Nexium - Dry Eyes

    Has any-one else on here got dry eyes since they started on PPIs?

    I used to have some-what dry eyes, but since I have been on Nexium, about 2 years now, my eyes have gotten quite dry.

    I used to be able to wear contact lenses reasonably comfortably, but now can't go for more than about 4 hours without my eyes looking very bloodshot.

    It might be completely unrelated, but it would be interesting to find out.

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    so far with nexium i have not had that particular side effect. however, when i was on ranitidine, i had terribly dry everything ... dry eyes, dry mouth, etc. i might have to switch ppis so am concerned i might be revisiting that unpleasant side effect if i have to switch meds.


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      I take ranitidine in the evennings too, so perhaps that is the cause of my dry eyes.

      Did you dryness go away when you stopped using ranitidine?

      I think I'll stop for a week and see what happens.


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        I've taken ranitidine for several years and my eyes are so dry now I have to take flaxseed oil and use artificial tears. I never thought it could be ranitidine causing it. I'm afraid to stop taking it because I had so many side effects on the PPIs.
        Please let us know if the dryness goes away when you stop the ranitidine.


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          Pokey, you may find that cleaning your eyelids with something like "lid care" can relieve some of the dryness.

          when i went to see an optompetrist about this he said that he could see that my oil glands on my eye lids were getting blocked up as the oil they produce is quite thick and sticky (possibly due to the ranitidine now that i think about it). by cleaning the lids you unblock the pores and allow more oil onto the eye.

          it does work for me, and he said he could see my eyes were looking better after having cleaned the lids every evenning for two weeks.


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            It has definitely gotten better! That being said, I do still struggle with it somewhat and am thinking of asking my dr. for a prescription for restasis. i have read that ulcer medications (the article did not say h2 blockers or ppis specifically) can increase dry eye symptoms. in the meantime i find it helpful to use refresh liquigel daily.


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              shayward and missj

              I went to the opthalmologist last month because my eyes were bothering me so much. He said to use the flaxseed and tears. He never said to use Restasis or to clean eyelids but I think I will call him because they don't feel much better.
              Thanks for the suggestions.