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Sympathy surgery pain?

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  • Sympathy surgery pain?

    Just a little humor for ya...but true. It's my life.

    The day before my surgery, my father had a heart attack. After his surgery that night, he insisted I continue to have mine. I did, however, my mother was suppose to take care of my child during my recovery time. My husband and her managed to work it out. In other words, my husband took off lots of work.

    I came home and 8 days into my recovery (maybe the 2nd day I had emerged from my bedroom for more than a Slimfast) I was having shoulder pain and heartburn like pain, so she decided I needed to go to the ER and be checked for a heart attack. In fact, she had terrible heartburn all night long too and thought she should be checked for a heart attack. In FACT, she's been sitting around worrying about whether we ALL were having a heart attack since my father had one. She decided we should gather up my daughter and all hop into the car and head to the ER to have an EKG.

    I did go to the doctor that day, but not because I thought I was having a heart attack. I was just in pain...period.

    That night, she decided to drag my still recovering father out of bed to accompany her to the hospital, because again, she thought SHE was now having a heart attack.
    So I had to ask who was going to drive, since he wasn't suppose to. She said she would. Well, of course, if I'M having a heart attack, I'm going to get behind the wheel of a car with a helpless victim in the passenger seat. That makes PERFECT sense!

    Morning came, she's released...her hearts just fine.

    Next day she just can't function. She's dragging her feet, complaining about how much pain she's in, and how she's been overcome by nausea. She must go back to bed. Here my poor father and I are left to fend for ourselves, although she was the only person in the house who was allowed to lift more than a gallon of milk and the only person in their right mind is an hour away at work! She is suddenly coming down with very similar symptoms of having maybe a...uhhh...Fundoplication done?

    Days of this have been going on, and I've just about been able to ignore her, but during lunch today she made herself a plate of eggs, toast, chicken and something else. She took it into the family room to eat it, when suddenly she runs out, plate in hand, slams it down on the table and is grabbing at her chest with a tear coming out of her eye. I'm thinking, "Oh ****! She really IS having a heart attack!" Instead, she takes a deep breath, starts moaning about how badly that just hurt going down and how she's going to have to take MY doctors advice on not eating any bread and meat yet.

    Okay, last time I checked, she hadn't had any surgery. But she's decided she must go on a liquid diet, like myself and only eat soft foods.

    She has now crippled herself up to the point where she is worse off than both my father and I put together. However funny I think this is and a tad annoying, I promise she isn't suffering any true ill health effects. She has had a complete work up from the ER and another hospital she visited the next day for a stress test.

    I just never knew someone could get hit this hard with sympathy pains! I guess I never thought someone would feel so left out if they were the only one feeling good! I can't imagine what's going to happen to her when my husband and I go back home. She won't have my doctors advice to follow anymore!