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Nissen Fundoplication Side Effects

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  • Nissen Fundoplication Side Effects

    To all fundo veterans,

    Is the inability to belch/vomit permanent or is it usual for it to return eventually? How long did this take for you?

    I am only a few weeks post fundo but I don't like being unable to burp - the gas pains are worse than I expected. Also I am now afraid of needing to vomit and being unable to. Any advice please?

    And how long does it take before you no longer have swallowing problems and oesophageal spasms? I am really not enjoying eating.

    At the moment I am not sure that the fundo has been right for me. I still seem to have my symptoms, including stomach pain and nausea, but now have the fundo side-effects as well.


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    Jasmine, I was able to belch from the beginning. I have not needed to vomit since my surgery (in Dec 2000), so that question is still open. It is not something I am worrying about, however, as I know other fundo patients can -- one didn't find out she could until 7 years after her fundo.

    Your fundo is so recent that I would not worry about these things, if I were you. Even if you could belch, you'd likely still be uncomfortable. What you're experiencing is pretty normal -- post-fundo swelling mimics reflux, etc. Please try to relax so that your GI system has the best possible chance of healing. Eat what you can and make it as nourishing as possible so that your system has the right fuel to heal.

    You WILL start to feel better in time.


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      Hello Jasmine,
      I am almost 9 months post-op and I still have not burped. My surgeon told me that I would not be able to vomit, but that the burping would come back. My surgeon also told me that if I ever needed to vomit, and kept wretching and gagging to go to the ER and they could help me. What did your surgeon tell you? I still have spasms, but they are considerbly minor compared to the ones I had right after surgery. Right now they are just an annoyance, but the surgeon said those would disappear as well. You are very early in your recovery. Be patient and keep us posted.


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        Never had spasams after surgery so I can offer any advice there. I no I cant vomit even after almost 3 years but I have only had the flu once thank god. As far as burping I couldnt at all for the first 2 years and now I can a little. I just watched what I ate and drank. All most everything at this point is going to add to your bloating. Try the otc gas meds the tablets seem to work better.


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          I could burp from day one and as far as vomiting I can also vomit. I also had a partial wrap not a full one.

          I had flutters or spasms after the surgery for about 4 weeks but now they have gone. I had them at about the 6 week mark.

          The main side effect for me is dumping. It's the pitts.



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            Hi Jasmine: I'm just coming up on seven months post-fundo, and I still cannot burp or vomit. My internist gave me a prescription for phenergan (which has worked well for me in the past) to have on hand in case I have a problem with serious nausea. I recently used it after having a colonoscopy - the sedation always makes me very ill - and it worked just fine... no gagging. As for not being able to burp, I know that the gas situation can be troubling. For the first few months, my nightly gas episode would be accompanied by pains of varying severity. The pain never lasted long but I always had to remind myself that it was surgery-related. More recently I have noticed a distinct lessening of the incidence of gas pains AND of gas. I think my body is adjusting. Except right after surgery, I avoid taking anti-gas meds unless I am eating something which would have caused suffering even before surgery... like split pea soup, chili or whatever. But these medicines do help somewhat if you are really uncomfortable. Anyhow, I wanted to let you know that, for me, there has been an improvement even at this late date. I guess it's true that recovery from this surgery can take an entire year. For me, all surgical side effects have been minor in relation to the GERD symptoms. -Lisa


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              Loss of appetite - anyone else?

              I had a fundo 3 weeks ago and apart from the usual post - op tiredness and some spasms when I eat certain foods I feel as if things are going really well. I just have one small worry though - I have completely lost my appetite! At no stage of the day do I feel hungry and am eating only because I know I have to. My doctor did warn me that I would feel full more quickly and therefore eat less but I didn't expect to lose what was previously a very healthy appetite. I was quite happy about losing some excess weight but at this rate I'll disappear completely! Has this happened to anyone else and if so did your appetite return and when?
              Thanks for any ideas.


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                Helen...Suppliment with Ensure or Boost to get some extra calories and to be sure that you are getting the vitamins and minerals that you need


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                  Update on previous post about loss of appetite - it has now returned smaller than before but at least the weight loss has slowed and energy is starting to return. It seems like once food becomes less of a "pain", our brain tells us it's safe to be interested in it again. The ensure and Boost are certainly a good option to keep you going, thanks LSAT.


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                    Problems after nissen.... Help. what do I do?

                    I had nissen done on 6/2/04 and I have not been able to eat anything except liquids since. When I try to I have severe spasm of my esophagus which has landed me in ER. I now have Nitroglycerin I carry to take when I have a spasm. I am belching and vomiting. My surgeon thought my wrap may have slipped. I was admitted to hospital on 7/2/04 for chest pain and they ran a CT and did an EGD which all turned out normal, now he is saying he thinks my symptoms are from surgery but maybe that the nerve that runs along my esophagus may have been nicked. When I was in hospital I had episode of severe nausea, sweating and my heart rate dropped to 40's. Is anyone else out there experiencing these types of problems?
                    Please e-mail me with reply I check my e-mail more than I check here.
                    (Please request e-mail from the webmaster.)



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                      I have heard of this post op. The vagus nerve regulates the heart I think thus droping it so low.