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Hiatal Hernia Pain? or Esophageal Spasms?

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  • Hiatal Hernia Pain? or Esophageal Spasms?

    Hi All!
    Im going to bombard you with another question. I hope you dont mind.

    I suffer from these boughts of really painful sensations (which I have today again) that are pretty new symptoms I developed a few months ago. Actually the surgeon was thinking about cancelling the surgery becuase she said if they are esophageal spasms it will make eating difficult for me.

    Anyway, months ago I stopped my meds. I was also suppose to have this surgery in April and I had to cancel it.

    I get boughts of these horrible waves of pain in my stomach towards the right side (like labor pains but up higher LOL!). It comes on real strong and eases off. I have linked it to stopping my meds (which I wasnt suppose to do but financial reasons forced me to) and also if I eat something acidic or spicey.

    I was in ER a few months ago thinking it was Gall Stones becuase the painw as sobad but after hours of IV Pronix and Reglan (and benedryl becuase I broke out in hives from the Reglan) and an ultra sound the ER Doc said it was severre GERD symptoms. When I told the Surgeon a while ago she said those are esophageal spasms or perhaps the Hiatal Hernia was pushing up.

    Does anyone out there experience this?(or have you in the past?) Has anyone ever experienced Hiatal Hernia pain? COuld THIS be that pain?

    I woke up today with this horrible pain again, took a Zantac and its settled a little bit but its still painful. Dinner was on the spicey side last night and my stomach bothered me after that too.

    I would love some more advice becuase now Im REALLY nervous about going thru with this surgeyr. I DONT want to be complicating it or ending up in worse shape.

    Im also under ALOT of stress which I kind of wonder if thats causing this pain.
    My kids are leaving tomorrow for two weeks on a plane to Florida (we live in NJ) Im going to miss all four of them very much. Im very anxious and nervous about MOndays surgery (and second guessing AGAIN my decision) and my Hubby recently had another Grand Mal Seizure so Im worried about him too (we have been to so many specialist for the past few weeks since his Grand Mal so Ive been under alot of stress with that).

    If these pains are caused by anxiety and stress my hubby thinks once I get the surgeyr overwith and move on that I will finally be in better shape becuase Ill no longer have to worry about it anymore. I agree that that will alleviate the majority of my stress. I just wish I had an answer as to where and why with these pains.

    I do know that when I had the BRAVO Ph study done that was the first time EVER I experienced those pains with the pinning of the probe in my esophagus. Since then they have been lingering on and off. But my GI Doc told me it was the GERD that was aggravated from the whole test back then and to double up on meds. So....if they were spasms wouldnt he have said they were back then? COuld the probe have done something to the Esophagus a yera ago??

    Or is this all becuase i let this stomach thing go on way wya way too long and I have postponed it one too many times????

    Gosh, Im confusing myself with all thse questions LOL! Sorry---I just need to vent in the worst way.


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    Hi Diane. I haven't had the surgery so I don't have any words of wisdom for you ... I myself am considering it so I completely empathize with your anxiety. Question, you said you live in NJ ... so do I. Who is doing your surgery? Jen


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      Hi Diane Your pain on your right side would not be from a hiatal hernia. A hiatal hernia really doesn't cause symptoms like that in itself. A hernia simply may contribute to GERD . Also a hiatal hernia is on the left side of your body, not the right.

      The pain could be from GERD, IBS , or non ulcer dyspepsia, all which could be exacerbated by stress.

      Esophageal spasms can only be diagnosed by an esophageal manometry/ motility test. They generally cause chest pain radiating to the jaw or arm. A fundo does not cure diffuse esophageal spasms.The esophagus is on the center left of your body.

      Have you had a HIDA scan? An ultasound checks for stones , but a HIDA scan checks the actual function of the gallbladder, blockages in the bile duct , and may detect something an ultrasound can''t see.

      And since you have severe pain and nausea, have you had a nuclear gastric emptying study ? Many surgeons check gastric emptying before doing a fundo.


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        Tricia and Jen

        Hi and thank you for responding. I really appreciate it.
        Jen - Yes I live in New Jersey. I am having Surgery done at University Hospital in Newark by a Doctor Asha Bale. She is a super Doctor and she has ALOT of experience doing this surgery so I feel comfortable with ehr doing mine.

        Tricia - Yes I had Gastric Emptying Study done and it was all normal (yummy radio active scrambles eggs). As far as the other test for Gall Stones, no one seems that concerned so I guess thats why it never has been ordered. But my pain is definately on the right side to the middle of the chest. I think the stress of the kids leaving is really getting to me. Now two out of four have colds and now I also have three days until my surgeyr and I am worried I will come down with a cold. Talk about stress level being high LOL! ANyway, I know Fundos wont cure spasms in fact they will cause them to get worse and that is my fear if that is really what is going on. I just wasnt sure if the hernia could be causing the pain and if in fact anyone here has experienced this sensation.

        Maybe all this worrying and "trying to identify" all my symptoms is just impacting my problem and making me feel worse....I wouldnt doubt it thats for sure. Doc scared me the other day when she said she wanted to cancel the surgeyr if I was having this many problems with Esophageal Spasms. THAT freaked me out big time! I have whimped out so many I am finally goig thru with it and she was ready to cancel it. Not to mention Im putting all four kdis on a plane tomorrow to Nana and Poppys in Florida and the tickets are non-refundable. Talk about STRESS???????

        Thanks for repsonding.