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  • Scheduled for Lap Nissen

    Well, guess it's gonna happen! I was scheduled yesterday for the Lap Nissen on July 11 at Hopkins with Dr. Anne Lidor. Had a consult with her a couple of weeks ago and really liked her. She is very experienced with this surgery and does them routinely. She took loads of time with me going over my history and then explaining everything about the procedure - including the risks, of course. Based on my symptoms, test results, and medication issues, she felt I was the ideal candidate for this surgery and was very optimistic about the likelihood of it successfully solving my acid reflux problems. Dr. Canto, my GI at Hopkins, was of the same opinion. So, guess it is the right path for me at this time. Must admit, I am scared. Couldn't sleep last night just thinking about the recovery over the next few months. At the same time, I know I don't want to continue with constant chest pain as I have for the past 18 months. Plus, now with the LPR symptoms, things are just getting worse. I feel HOPE for the first time in a while. I'll keep you posted. This site has been so valuable in my research and understanding of all the issues! Thanks!

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    Sounds like you have made an informed decision, along with being at a good hospital. I had mine a month ago and of course still recovering. It is slow. My doctor told me to stay on liquid, slippery food for two months and of course of cheated on Thursday and had really bad day Friday. What did you Doctor tell you about post-op diet I found this board to me much more valuable about what to expect post-op than did the doctors' office. The surgery was not bad at all, I stayed one night, had little pain. It's just the eating/bloating afterward that is a challenge. Keep checking in with us.


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      Thanks, Kathy.

      Dr. Lidor told me they would put me on a 3-phase diet after the surgery, starting with just liquids then slowly moving up to very soft foods and ultimately adding in some texture. She said because the recovery is a very individual thing and everyone progresses at their own rate, they assign a "food coach" from her staff to support each patient through their recovery. Your food coach is available via phone to coach you through any swallowing/eating problems you have until you are successfully recovered and able to eat "normally". Of course, she said "normal eating" post fundo means very small, numerous meals, eating slowly and chew, chew, chew. No more "wolfing down my dinner."


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        We are practically surgery buddies

        Hi there,

        Just saw your post..We are practically surgery buddies!!! I am having mine on the 12th of July. Same thing with having the chest pain..Been having mine since January of 2004. Went to numerous drs. Several even told me it was all in my head. Been on GERD medications for over 10 years now. I had asked several times could the pain be GERD related & several said no. Hubby & I then moved to South Carolina from North Carolina. The first time that I saw the GI dr here, he felt that it was GERD & IBS together along with the hiatal hernia that is causing my pain. He ran several tests including the 24 hour ph test which did show I had severe GERD & felt that I was an excellent candidate for the surgery. Referred me to a general surgeon here who has extensive experience with this surgery. I am having it done next week. He is also going to do the "diet" plan like what your dr is doing with you. He guaranteed me that I will be on a liquid diet for at least 10 days up to as long as 3 months. It all depends on how my body recovers from the surgery. He also like to take things really slow. How long are they keeping you in the hospital? I will be in for 1-2 nights. It all depends on how well I tolerate liquid foods. He said he will not send me home until he feels & I feel comfortable with going home.



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          Hey Surgery Buddy!

          You sound like my twin.

          I was told I would be in the hospital overnight. They will let me go home as soon as I can swallow liquids since that is how I (we) will be getting food for a while. I bought a juicer this week and have loaded the refrigerator with fresh fruits and vegetables so that I will have some liquid food...other than Ensure. I found a Slim Fast that has extra protein. So, that's my food plan for the moment.

          It's funny how I am busy this weekend eating all the foods that I think I will not be able to have in the recovery process and perhaps for a long while. Like this morning, I had bagels for breakfast. My husband and I are going out for pasta tonight. May have a steak on Sunday night...

          Are you scared? I know I am. I have always been so healthy until this cropped up a year ago January. I have no experience with surgeries that re-arrange your anatomy and am having difficulty envisioning what the recovery will be like even though I have read tons about it. I have a friend who had lap band surgery (for weight loss), and she said she was really scared too before her surgery. I guess it's pretty normal to fear the unknown.

          We'll have to compare notes once we are back online following the procedure. I wish you the best. The good news is, we will both be free of our chest pain down the road. I really look forward to that!


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            I wish you all the best...

            I hope it works out for and everything goes smoothly.

            Good luck and keep positive thoughts.



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              I wish you all great success and speedy recoveries. Years down the road, when you are healed and enjoying your successful trouble-free surgeries, PLEASE continue to stay with this forum and encourage those of us who are looking for success stories..................bob


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                Thank you!

                I appreciate all of your support. I'll let you know how the surgery went once I am back home and online.


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                  Originally posted by birdbybird
                  I appreciate all of your support. I'll let you know how the surgery went once I am back home and online.

                  I'm hardly qualified to give advise here but didn't soneone post saying that fundo usually works for people suffering from lower esophagous reflux and not for LPR, because even with the procedure, small amounts of acid can still reach your throat.


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                    Hi birdbybird,
                    I am not sure if you are still active on this forum. I have an appointment with Dr. Anne Lidor in June to discuss Nissen Lap surgery. I wanted to hear about your experience with Dr. Anne Lidor. How did your surgery go? Would you recommend Dr. Lidor? Any help would be appreciated.