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Can bleeding ulcers cause fever?

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  • Can bleeding ulcers cause fever?

    I have bleeding ulcers, eroseve esophagitis, a hiatal hernia and now gastroparesis. I of course feel bad a lot of the time and vomit a lot. I have noticed that most days I get a low grade fever. Does this happen to anyone else? Is this normal?
    Thanks, Jenn

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    Another question

    My chest is so sore that it actually hurts to touch it, even under my arms right under my underarms if that makes sense. Should I be worried?


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      Jennifer -- I don't think anyone here has gone thru as much as you have. Is there anyone at home supporting you thru this....can they make some calls for you? The pain under your arms could be nerve pain, lymph node pain, etc.

      Perhaps there is a doc who can give you something to coat your stomach/esophagus to help calm things down, then a drug to make it empty faster.......and maybe some neurontin for help with pain control of the esophagus. Did your GI doc make any of these suggestions to you? If not, I think your doctor shopping starts there.

      There is an excellent esophagus/stomach surgeon named Jeffrey Peters....I think he is now in NY. You may want to call his office, he might do a conference call with you, or know who, in your area, can help you.

      BTW, there are surgeons that perform fundos on patients who have already had two fundos......but due to scarring, etc., you need to find a surgeon that specializes in cases such as yours.........if you even decide to go that route.

      You can get thru this, honey, one way or the other, but you need to find the very best people you can.

      I send you prayers. b


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        Thanks for responding. I do have a wonderful husband whom I feel so bad for for having to go through all of this. He does get frustrated though which I guess is understandable I am frustrated too. I just talked to my G.I. doctor and he said to take 2 prilosec two times a day and reglan at night. I asked about the pain in my chest and he said that he doesn't think that it is related to the reflux and to call my G.P. I don't know, I think that it is reflux pain. Isn't the wrap about in the middle of my ribs. Oh I do take Neurontin already for Charcot Marie Tooth disease. Thanks for everything.