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Asthma and Hiatus Hernia

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  • Asthma and Hiatus Hernia

    Hi, I would firstly like to introduce myself. I'm from the UK, 32 Male. I had Nissen Fundoplication surgery 6 weeks ago as I had a Hiatus Hernia and terrible Heartburn.

    6 Weeks on and i'm feeling pretty good. I haven't had any heartburn since my operation. I've got the obvious side effects, such as bloatedness, wind (lot of wind) and the strange hiccups that makes everyone turn their heads towards you.

    My surgeon said that Asthma and Hiatus hernia is related quick closely and that after the op my asthma might clear up. Does anyone know if this is true? has it happened to you?

    I just like to add that I wish I came across this website before, its been very informative.


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    Hi there Deepster That's good news that you are making such a good recovery from your surgery! I was interested to hear that there is a relationship between hiatus hernia & asthma. I have both & didn't know that they were connected. I'm not much help to you though because I haven't had surgery. Hope you continue to improve!


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      Hi Deepster,

      Welcome aboard, you will find this forum very useful......and some very good people with very good information......I have heard that about the hernia and asthma being connected......can you tell a difference yet with your asthma?......I had the fundo about 7 years ago now......I didn't have asthma though just really bad reflux, I too though like you wish I had found this forum much sooner than I did...but better later than never I wishes with your recovery and again welcome......


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        Welcome, Deepster!

        The hernia and reflux are related in this way: if a hiatal hernia causes refluxthat gets into your lungs, then asthma can result. You need all sorts of GI and pulmonary tests to establish whether this is true. Or, if it all clears up post-Nissen, that would provide proof.

        I hope your recovery continues to go well! Hang in there!


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          Hi Deepster,

          I have exactly what you are talking about!! The reflux causes asthma like symptoms in me but the difference is that my lungs are working fine (o2 levels normal when having an attack) yet I cannot breathe, at worst I am breathing 70 breaths a minute or more, wheezing, hard to take a deep breath etc. I have had tests at the Royal Brompton which ruled out asthma, abnormal breathing pattern, vocal cord disfunction and I do not get typical symptoms of hyperventilation such as tingling in my hands and feeling dizzy. I do however become very weak and exhausted with the effort of breathing!

          They think the vagus nerve is being stimulated causing bronchoconstriction, which in me affects my upper airway. I also get reflux into my windpipe causing cough and lots of phlegm (sorry it sounds disgusting!).

          I am seeing a cough specialist at the end of May who will help the surgeon decide whether to go for the fundoplication op - I also have a large hiatus hernia. Apparently I am eligable but because my symptoms are so severe they want to be sure it will help me.

          I would be interested to see how your asthma is now you have had the operation.

          Hope the above clarifies it for you.

          Welcome, Husky.


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            Hi again Deepster,

            I am also from the UK, what part are you from? I'm in Essex.


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              The vagus nerve is a very tricky GI said that is what is causing all my heart heart beats 140-180 bpm and I have pvc's that I can feel, I have them very often, I also have sinus tacharydia it was driving me crazy......but the only time I have them is when my GERD is bad that is how I finally put two and two together......good luck.


              So how is your recovery going?......can you tell yet if there is a difference in your asthma related symptoms?......hope all is well with you......


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                The asthma may be related. It definitely was for me. They had me on all sorts of asthma meds that just didn't work. Then they tried the PPIs and all of a sudden my asthma got so much better. Before my surgery, while still on PPIs, my asthma flaired up during extreme (aerobic) activity. Since the surgery (5 weeks), I have had no asthma problems. Hope your asthma clears up, too!