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  • Hill Repair Failure

    HH back, terrible chest and upper abdominal pain, and swallowing pain. Feel like jumping off a cliff. This is so depressing. Sorry to everyone for past posts. Just wanted to get that off my chest in case I offended anyone in the past. I'm just over life at the moment and dont think I can tolerate feeling like this much longer.

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    I have been following threads on Hill Repair here, and have been thinking of getting my hiatal hernia repair from Dr. Aye. Markus, your previous experience on Hill repair was very positive and encouraging, but what has happened to you lately?


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      Hi Markus

      Sorry things are going bad for you right now. Have you tried to contact Dr Aye?

      Maybe he could do something. I hope he would at least take an interest in your problems, and offer some kind of help.

      A while back there was another person who had a hill failure and went to Mayo Clinic, Maybe you could go there.

      take care


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        Have you tried adding Carafate Liquid 10 cc 30 minutes before meals and when needed for pain ?

        For swallowing difficulty Zand Lozenges ? ( from a health food vendor )


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          Markus, you stated the Hill failed, I assume you have sought medical help because you said the HH was back? As was mentioned I would immediately contact Dr. Aye for his thoughts if you haven't already. I really hope you can get some relief soon. We wish you all the best


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            My best advice would be to e-mail Dr. Aye immediately (he always answers me). And I'd like to know if Dr. Chobanian has done a scope on you and what he says. You don't give enough info to figure out what's happened. Are you sure it's a failed surgery or did you do something or have an accident? Or were you sick with flu and vomiting?

            I think I would call and make an appt. and get on a plane to Aye. I haven't had any problems to speak of, other than gastritis from some meds for another problem and neither have any of the other people that had the Hill other than healing difficulties (and we're all different with that).

            Man oh man, I hope you get checked out, and I'd like to know why and how it failed if it's been medically told to you that it did.


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              here is a link to another person who posted that has problems after a hill repair


              chest pain following hill repair / esophageal spasms diagnosed



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                Back to Seattle. I'll be leaving Oct.1 for a bunch of tests and possibly more surgery. Chobainian found the HH although he said it was transient and not to worry about it. Really DR?!! I mean Im having chest pain, painful swallowing especially liquids, a lump and pulling sensation in my throat and chest and he tells me not to worry about it! I also get the strange popping in my left side chest and up left ab. quadrant when I lean forward. Doesnt happen all the time but its like a gas pop or organ moving or something. I am so sick of doctors just saying oh take nexium and dont worry about it....It doesnt help my symptoms doc...

                /rant off


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                  I fully agree with you on the docs. There are so many of them that just want to prescribe meds and never take into consideration that every med has another side effect and you become overloaded with meds. It's ridiculous.
                  I would think that Dr. Aye would be able to figure out what's going on. You said you were doing a lot of exercises previously, but if you were lifting weights that might have caused a problem. And especially since we're weak in that area. I try to walk 4 miles a day (not always possible with the heat we've been having), but my in-house floor exercises don't strain anything in the chest area. I'm really careful and I guess anyone with a surgery like this whether Hill or Nissen has to be much more careful than a non-GERD person.

                  Please keep us posted and know that our prayers go with you. I pray it's a hernia fix and not another entire surgery re-do for you. As I mentioned to you and others before, we still have (most of the time) more acid in our stomachs than most and because of that, we still need to keep close to the GERD diet so as not to contract gastritis which I seem to be predisposed to and am now on mega GERD meds to heal it. Disgusting because I hoped to never see these meds again. And, after you have gastritis a few times or get a really bad case, your stomach will start spasming and then more meds are needed to "retrain" it not to spasm. It's such a vicious circle sometimes!

                  Still, you're in the best surgeon's hands, and I know Dr. Aye will help you..hopefully you won't have to have an entire re-do.

                  Hang in there kiddo...anyone going with you to Seattle?


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                    Yeah my Mom is going to be my driver after my EGD. Dr. Aye said I could work out like normal as long as I didnt lift heavy weight. The heaviest thing I do is push ups and I weigh 175lbs. What he told me was after 6 weeks to start back slow and I could exercise like a normal person. I did that and here I am almost 3 years out come Feb 2011 and its failed. Im still working out until I go. Im tempted to cancel my appointment and let the chips fall where they may. At this point I have zero faith in the medical community. I guess Im pretty jaded, but this stuff wears on a person.

                    PS- Im pretty sure they have to re-do the entire thing if it comes to a revision. I could be wrong I dunno.


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                      Hmm...that's really weird then. I thought perhaps you were lifting heavy weights, but if you're not, then it sounds like you have a real weakness there. Do you know if Chobanian said it was a NEW hernia or if it was the old one that they fixed? A new one would seem and I'm guessing here, to indicate a real weakness there, and the old one would seem to suggest a failure of the clamp. Have you had a chance to talk to Dr. Aye via consult on the phone? He probably will just have to look at you really well and then get in there to see what happened.

                      Man, I'm so sorry this has happened to you. What a royal pain it has to be. Glad your mom is going with you again, but the cost and time and recovery has to be frustrating.

                      I'm like the gal in Florida, I'm so scared of it ever coming back that I try to do everything I can to keep well...I might have a glass of wine on my birthday or Christmas, but even that doesn't always happen. I just want to keep that nasty GERD away!

                      I'll really be interested to hear what Dr. Aye says after he's checked you out thoroughly. Also, Scott is no longer with him (he made some scheduling mistakes with me, and I got the impression from hospital personnel that he wasn't that organized sometimes) I don't know who took his place though.

                      Man Markus, I'm so sorry about this! And really surprised too...I thought Chobanian would be more helpful than what you got. I still go to the same place and it's okay, but I wish Dr. Aye was here...know what I mean?


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                        Chobainian said he only seen a small transient hiatal hernia when i hiccuped during EGD,he said it quickly went away. I know hernias just doesnt go away on its own (probably sliding)and know it will just get worse. Being an engineer sucks, i think in flow charts and try to troubleshoot lol. Ive consulted with Aye already over the phone and with emails. I wish we had Dr. Aye qaulity surgeons here as well.


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                          Well boy you've got that right. You almost have to diagnose yourself and then go in and tell them what's wrong with you so they can "allow" you the fix. It's not going to get any better with Obamacare I'm afraid, more control over what we can and can't do..

                          You know I even e-mailed Dr. Aye about the gastritis that wouldn't clear up and he doesn't take care of that, but he sent me the phone number of a naturopath that has a capsule (slippery elm, licorice and plaintain I think) that is supposed to help the stomach of chemo patients. I called and got some and they've helped...that's what kind of doctor he's amazing that 2 1/2 years after my surgery he still will help me out with other problems. I even had to e-mail him a picture of an exercise I had to do for PT to make sure it wouldn't hurt the repair and he answered right quickly...amazingly caring few not like that.

                          Okay, well, yeah, probably a sliding hernia and you won't know till you get checked by Aye whether it's a new one or what. So you've got another 3 weeks almost yet. Glad your mom going with you again. You really need someone to help you through it.


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                            Markus, just chiming in to give my best wishes that it all works out great for you with Dr. Aye.

                            The gal from Florida


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                              does anyone know how this turned out for Markus?