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Eight years post fundo for LPR

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  • Eight years post fundo for LPR

    Hello all. Thought I would check in. I am currently 8 years two months post Nissen, done by Dr. Hunter in Oregon. I am still off of ppi's and eat whatever I want, although I will never do over the top spicy food again. I can't vomit - but it is very rare that I need to and take gravol along with chewable tylenol if I feel a migraine coming on.

    Very important - watch the size of the pills you take post-op, as I have had a vitamin get stuck, and an aspirin get stuck - and it kills! Also watch any 'snatch and grab' lifting. Dr. Hunter did tell me that one of his patient's was a man who came in for a repeat fundo after falling off of a horse -- I no longer ride horses or ski - basically, I avoid anything that could make me fall and twist at the same time.

    I hope this finds everyone else who has been post op for years, still off of meds and/or pain free.


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    Hi Buffy!

    Good to see you again! I am glad that you are doing well and the fundo is still doing its job. Good reminder about pills getting stuck.
    I have not had the Nissen and still have to be careful with the larger pills. Not fun at all.


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      Hi Buffy...Glad to see that you are doing well. I remember the problems you had a couple years ago. I'm at 11 years and still doing fine also. Hopefully your problems are behind you. ttfn (remember that)?


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        two years post my second fundo

        Hi all, I'm just over two years past my second fundo. I think my surgeon made this one tighter since my first failed. I have to be careful, have choked several times when eating bread/rolls. Usually it's because I'm distracted and not eating/chewing slowly enough. Large pills are a major problem. I've given up on most of my larger vitamin pills. Other than that I'm doing well.


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          Three cheers, Buffy! Really great to know that you're still doing so well. Keep up the good work!