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Referred left shoulder pain.

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  • Referred left shoulder pain.

    Hello there,
    I had the laproscopic Nissen Fundoplication almost two months ago and I am suffering from terrible referred shoulder pain in my left shoulder. It is painful all the time to varying degrees but much worse after eating. I am really worried that this pain will be permanent. Has anyone else here suffered from this particular complaint and if so is there light at the end of the tunnel? I know patience is a virtue and it is early days in my recovery, but I think I will cope better with the pain if I know how long it will last.
    Any tips on how to cope with it in the mean time would be much appreciated. I'm taking a lot of pain killers but I don't want to continue for much longer for fear of dependency.
    Warm wishes,

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    This sounds pretty miserable! I had acupuncture a couple of days after my surgery, and it took care of the shoulder pain. If you are open to that, I'd try it. The only problem is that acupuncture works on pain most quickly when you get it as soon as the pain starts. In your case, you'll likely need several treatments before you get relief. But it is more effective than pain pills, for sure. Maybe smaller meals would help a bit? You've likely tried that though....

    Hang in there. And please keep us posted.


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      Thank you so much for your reply. I have recently been told that acupuncture can help so i am going to set about finding a good one. I wish I had known sooner! I will let you know how I get on I eat very small mouthfuls and I chew many, many times! Smaller meals definitely help as well. But it's not a solution, sadly.
      In the mean time, if anyone else can relate to how I'm feeling I would love to hear from you. My heart goes out to anyone else with this problem.
      Warmest wishes and love.


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        I think western medicine and the drug companies make sure that we don't know how powerful acupuncture is. I haven't had any treatments for a few years now, but it is excellent at getting your body to fix itself, and for me it is so much better than pain pills. Since I seem not to respond to pain meds at all (except for IV morphine), I made the appointment for the acupuncture treatment before I had the Nissen. And that one treatment took care of it. (The only time that happened, as normally we can't predict when pain will happen.) In other situations, when I'd not gotten treated quickly, it would take more sessions. I'm guessing that will be your situation, especially given that your discomfort is more than minor.

        The good news is that this will go away eventually, even if a few session of acupuncture don't help. I remember the day of the pain I had, and it definitely is an awful way to live! So I hope that you get relief!