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13 + year Nissen update

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  • 13 + year Nissen update

    It's been about 2 years since my last post on this board...This was a pretty active board at one time. Since I was already here, I thought I would update anyone that was interested......I had my Nissen in 2002 after using Nexiom for many months. I never had a problem from the day of my surgery. The last PPI I took was the day prior to surgery..................Fast forward to 2012....A routine Endoscopy revealed that the wrap was beginning to loosen and I had a small HH. I have had no symptoms from these discoveries.........Here we are at 2015......A few months ago I was having lots of phlem in my throat. An ENT exam revealed nothing, but the doc thought it might be acid leaking up the esophagus. I have been taking OTC Prilosec for a couple months and have noticed little difference. I'll probably stop when my bottle is empty. I had a great surgeon and recommend that anyone considering surgery research their surgeon's background and experience. Hope all the old timers are doing well. Hawk...are you still around?

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    Hi LSAT,

    Yes, I am still around. Very busy with the Coffee Tamer and CalciBlend since the doctor's started to get interested in it. As it turns out it is the best non pharmaceutical product to also help those with Interstitial Cystitis. So Urologists are also very interested.

    It sounds like you have had a very good run with the surgery. Good to hear. Hopefully many more good years to come.

    A good surgeon makes all the difference for sure.



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      Hi LSAT
      Sounds like your surgery was a great success! My surgery was 13 years ago today I believe! About 4 years into it I had awful heartburn & had to go back on PPIs. Been on & off ever since.
      Yesterday I had my first scope since the surgery due to symptoms & have been diagnosed with gastritis & esophagitis.
      My wrap is definitely loose and I have 1 patch of abnormal mucosa(?) so waiting on results of 2 biopsies and told to continue my protonix which was doubled. I'm confused as this dr says no surgery redo at this point just meds. My insurance doesn't want to pay for 2 pills a day & I've been on meds & it's obvious the reflux is still doing damage. I would rather have the redo & be done with it.
      Just curious has anyone had pain after a scope? Like not severe but enough to wake me up if I move. It's in my back& dead center of my gut between my ribcage.
      Haven't been able to eat normally since the scope either. It's very odd. Nothing I've experienced before.


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        Hi Melissa.....Sorry to hear about your throat/gut problems. I have had at least 5 scopes since my pain or side effects of any kind. You certainly should contact your GI and let him know about the esophagus pain. ...If the Protonix is too expensive you might try Omeprazole...It is very similar to Protonix ... it is Generic Nexiom... Check with your doctor. Good luck to you.