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Inflammation 6 weeks after operation

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  • Inflammation 6 weeks after operation

    Hi all,

    Not sure anyone still uses this forum I hope so though.

    I had fundoplication surgery 7weeks ago. Since then most of the reflux symptoms are gone.

    A couple of major issues though.
    1. I get dry mouth at night time, I mouth tape so I know I'm not breathing through my mouth.
    2. My vocal cords keep getting inflamed. I went on cortsreroids or whatever they are called which got rid of the inflammation but then it came back.
    3. I keep getting burning feeling in my stomach which also feels like inflammation.

    I know the answer is talk to your doctor but honestly my doctor is at a lost, my appointment with the surgeon isn't for another 2 months. I got a follow up with the ent throat specialist since last me I saw them the inflammation had cleared but now it's back as I can feel it pretty bad.

    I had a follow up with the surgeon 2 weeks after my surgery and he said it sounds like anxiety but at the time I didn't know my vocal cords were getting inflamed so to him the symptoms just seemed like anxiety after surgery.

    Anyways not sure if anyone can help here all I know is my vocal cords hurt pretty bad and my stomach keeps feeling burning.

    I don't feel burning any where in my chest or throat besides my vocal cords so Im not sure if acid is coming up or if I have some inflammatory disease causing the inflammation. I've been able to stay pretty relaxed about it surprisingly, in just posting in here in case anyone has experienced anything similar.

    In regards to eating I've rushed eating a 5 or 6 of times which got food stuck momentarily but overall I've been pretty good about it and chew my food a lot and am mostly back to eating normally as long as I chew a lot and make sure what I eat isn't completely dry food.

    Could it be that food sometimes gets stuck irritates my lower esophagus causing the burning and that sometimes the food is going back up irritating my vocal cords or something?