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  • 3 month follow up

    I had a 3 month follow up with my Stretta Dr. yesterday. I haven't reported much in the last several weeks as not much has been going on. As I mentioned in another thread, after about 6 weeks I reduced my meds, merely eliminating one otc pepcid (my daily is 2 nexium, 2 pepcid). Since I had been feeling great, perhaps I thought I was bulletproof and pushed my luck on foods. Whatever the case, within about a week I was having bad heartburn (first eliminated easily with antacid) contained to the area below my ribcage. However, it got worse, and spread to become full chest and became back pain/irritation, which hangs on for several days. For about 3 weeks I was not doing well, even after resuming my full meds.

    By severely restricting my diet to only "safe foods" and going to max strength pepcid, its now turned around and I've been feeling well again. For reasons totally unclear to me, dairy products of all kinds have become a real "no-no" for me. I could never do milk, or cream, for ex, but I used to be able to eat yogurt, for ex, but not now. In any case, for a couple of weeks now, things are going well, but I'm still on meds of course, and restricting my diet.

    One thing that is a positive is the fact that my "throat clearing" in the am, has improved a lot, and even when I wasn't feeling well, that has continued. My Dr. thought that was a positive sign, but overall, its pretty clear that at this point I'm not getting the results I hoped for. I have also not had the regurgitation type symptoms I had occasionally before the proceedure.

    My Dr. thought I might continue to improve for another 3 months or so, and I'm supposed to see him then. I'm still hoping that by then, I will continue to improve. If not, then perhaps I'll have to consider a fundo, or another procedure. One thing that seems to complicate my situation is that for quite some time now, I've had "episodic" bouts of symptoms. Usually I have no symptoms, but then (often for no apparent reason) they flare up. Now I'm in a good period. Hopefully it will last. However, it makes it hard to tell if this thing is working.

    I'm still hoping it will work out. I'm not ready to say I wish I had done the fundo instead, but depending on how things go from now on, I might. So I haven't given up hope yet, but I'm not feeling bulletproof anymore either.