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  • One year later

    Today is one year post Stretta for me. To review where I was before, I was taking 2 ppis (nexium 40 mg) and 2 pepcid daily + additional antacids as needed before, and barely keeping my gerd under control.

    Now I still take 2 ppis (20 mg prilosec) and one pepcid, with virtually no antacids. I am now symptom free most of the time, except on occasions when I push the limits too far on eating. I don't know that its fair to attribute all of this (or even any of this) to stretta since I also changed my diet by eliminating all dairy product in favor of soy milk based products. Overall my health seems very good and I have increased my overall strength and endurance substantially on my workouts on my weight machine and exercise bike.

    Has it met my goals? Overall, yes. To my thinking I have cut my ppi use in half, but that gets into the whole nexium vs. prilosec debate, which is pretty much unresolved. My main goal was to avoid surgery, and to that it extent is has been a success, for now.

    Would I recommend stretta? I am not going that far, but I would suggest people inform themselves of the potential risks and benefits of the procedure, the same as with surgery or medical treatment. It's not a silver bullet, and its still a controversial procedure that may not help a person. The jury is still out on its long term benefits. There is not much to be gained by talking to your GI about it, as they are either sold on the procedure, or not, though they can give you the arguments for or against. However, there have been a lot of studies done and its worthwhile to read them - all of them if possible. (Bear in mind many of the studies have been written by those with a financial interest in the procedure, the same as with all the drug studies, etc.)


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    Good news Randy!

    I'm so glad this procedure worked for you. As I've said, most of my symptoms came back after 18 mos, but some key symptoms are gone such as the reflux related asthma. I'd do it again. It's been really good for the folks on the site to see your results. This just may work for others and may help them avoid surgery.

    Thanks for your postings.....