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  • What happened?

    I know the company went out of business but does anyone has more information about this procedure? Is it done in any other countries?

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    The company is out of business I am afraid. They found out that the procedure is not that gut in the end.


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      I found this review from 2007: Pubmed.Pubmed_ResultsPanel.Pubmed_DiscoveryPanel.P ubmed_Discovery_RA&linkpos=3&log$=relatedreviews&l ogdbfrom=pubmed

      CONCLUSIONS: Endotherapy has shown the potential to treat (uncomplicated) GERD. However, some early procedures have failed or proven unsafe. Further developments and studies are necessary to determine what modifications to these techniques are required to produce optimal efficacy and durability. Until then, widespread clinical use of endotherapy for GERD should probably be avoided.


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        Endoscopic suturing, antireflux treatment, endoscopic gastroplication, polymer injection, radiofrequency ablation of GERD, all have been recalled officially both in USA and Europe,Africa and Middle East, I had one of them and failed the next morning its Stretta Operation ((radiofrequency application )), one guy was dead in Bazil, and one in Germany.
        it was recalled by the year 2005 , same the
        Endicinch Operation , it was stopped after one year, same with the Plicater and so !!! google or search the theards you will learn more